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“Young Dolph has cultivated that formula that makes the bando jump”XXL

“What makes Dolph exemplary is his affinity for memorable hooks and catchy call-and-response punch lines” – Complex

King of Memphis is worth myriad repeat listens: Dolph bridges the gap between his hometown and the Atlanta production that dominates rap’s mainstream.”SPIN


Representing Memphis to the fullest, Young Dolph stands out as one of the most exciting, powerful, and inimitable figures in hip-hop today. A self-made millionaire motivated by the homegrown sounds and enterprising moves of pioneers DJ Squeeky and Three 6 Mafia, Adolph Thornton, Jr. made his formal entry into the rap game as both artist and CEO with the 2008 mixtape Paper Route Campaign, honoring his Southern city’s crunk traditions while pushing things forward. Fashioning himself on the example set by Master P with No Limit Records, the strategically shrewd decision to launch his catalog under his proprietary Paper Route Empire brand proved prescient and came to define his entire career as an independent success story beholden to no one but himself. 

“Just to see somebody come from nothing to become something, it’s super motivational,” he says, following their model of being both artist and product. “That’s been me in my position. I just worked my way up to where I’m at now. ”

Coming up at a time when trap mixtapes could reach massive audiences on digital platforms, Dolph thrived by putting out quality cuts in formidable quantities that inevitably kept his name prevalent in the streets. He dropped over a dozen of them including Cross Country Trappin’, South Memphis Kingpin, and the High Class Street Music series in the first half of the 2010s, cultivating a sizable and faithful fanbase both at home and nationwide. “That was my promotional tool, to flood the market,” he says. “All I had to do was get myself hot, and once I got myself hot, the world was mine.” Building upon that ethos, he put out anthemic singles with self-financed luxe videos like 2014’s “Preach” and 2016’s “Get Paid,” leveraging the streaming revolution for his own gain. 

As such, even before he landed his first ever Hot 100 charting single in 2016 (“Cut It” with O.T. Genasis), he had firmly established a robust profile through those hugely popular PRE releases and a top 50 placement for his King Of Memphis debut album on the Billboard 200. Though the track increased demand for Dolph features as well as his rate, that wasn’t necessary to open doors in the industry for him, already commanding hundreds of thousands of dollars for live appearances and shows all around the country prior to that radio-supported hit. His own prolific hustle had accomplished that.

Dodging major label A&R offers as well as literal attempts on his life, Dolph went supernova with the sophomore album Bulletproof in 2017, speaking raw truths to an even bigger audience than ever before. Its single “100 Shots” triumphed on the hip-hop charts, his defiant message delivered over a sumptuous DJ Squeeky beat no less. Apart from continuing his relentless mixtape campaign with  full-length follow-ups Thinking Out Loud and Role Model peaked in the top 20 of the Billboard 200, allowing his Paper Route Empire imprint to expand simultaneously with releases by other Memphis artists including Key Glock and Jay Fizzle. 

Spending the intervening period with his growing family while advancing the careers of his expanding roster of PRE signees, the release of Rich Slave comes after an uncharacteristic two year drought without Dolph solo projects. Though sociopolitical themes have long been inherent in his work, the album’s title makes that inextricable connection between systemic racism and trap prevalence all the more apparent. “It’s simply about being a successful Black person in today’s society,” he says, explaining the paradoxical position where no amount of wealth protects a Black person from many of the same issues that plague Black Americans who lack such means. “No matter how much you get, you can’t change it.”

Of course, Dolph still wants to inspire a new generation with his music and his entrepreneurial story the same was he was first inspired. As such, Rich Slave also serves a motivational record that draws connections to other key moments in hip-hop history, as evidenced by singles “Death Row,” “Blue Diamonds,” and “RNB” featuring Megan Thee Stallion. He’s still bringing heat and speaking to the streets with bangers like “What’s Da Bizness” as well as the relatable and reflective title track. Overall, it’s another accomplishment in a remarkable and lucrative career emblazoned with them, one that benefits from Dolph’s years of experience and ceaseless dedication to both the craft and the business.

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About Paper Route EMPIRE

Rising out of Memphis to become one of the South’s pre-eminent rap labels, Paper Route EMPIRE embodies the independent hustle. Home to superstar Young Dolph, heatseeker Key Glock, and Tennessee-born upstarts like Jay Fizzle, PRE partners with EMPIRE to provide a nationwide platform for local talent. Generating hundreds of millions of streams in 2018 alone with albums such as Young Dolph’s Majorwhich peaked at #15 on the Billboard 200, and Key Glock’s Glock Bond and Glockoma, Paper Route EMPIRE is making a major impact as an indie label, and will only grow stronger in the future.

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