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Baby Stone Gorillas

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“The South East L.A. crew are having one of those runs where a regional rapper or group just break off hit after hit.” – Pitchfork

“Baby Stone Gorillas have been on an impeccable run as of late, matching consistent releases with a deeply unique sense of artistry that only improves and expands with each new release” – Lyrical Lemonade

“Youthful and fiery, BSG continues to witness their sound sweep over Southern California and are poised to break across the map.” – Our Generation Music


“You can go and listen to damn near 50 people outta L.A., period, but you’ll notice that we’ve got a different sound,” proclaims Baby Stone Gorillas member EKillaOffDaBlock. E.K., along with group-mates Top5ivee, P4K, 5Much are creating some of the most original music out of the West Coast. From Baldwin Villages, better known as “The Jungles,” this talented quartet blends elements of their street surroundings with imagination, humor, and a will to stand out. In 2021, videos like their introductory “STL Caps & Jay Hats,” “Baby Stone Gorillas,” and the charged-up “Military” made a powerful impression and garnered several million streams. By the end of 2021, OVORadio played music from Baby Stone Gorillas while Shaq reposted a video. Now, B.S.G. readies a 23-track mixtape that features 1takejay, Bla$ta, Band Gang Lonnie Bands, and Wallie the Sensei. “If we don’t capitalize on this moment right now, there’s no other time,” urges P4K. “That’s how we’re treating it: If we don’t do it now, it’s never.”

The Baby Stone Gorillas grew up together within The Jungles—a gangland that has been glorified in films like Training Day, TV shows, and music videos. Several members had known each other since before they were 10 years old. In their concrete playground, they started hanging out long before music entered the picture. “No matter what happened, whether we went to jail or went our separate ways, we all got out and came back together. That’s all we got,” admits P4K. “No matter how far apart we get, we come right back.” That mentality has carried over into music. After time on the block and overlapping stints in juvenile hall, B.S.G. came together with a plan. “We never had a spotlight on us,” shares Top5ivee. Being outside of the radar gave these emerging rappers space for authentic expression. “So when we came in, it was just as natural as it can get: fun, playful, just being ourselves. We’re not thinking about what any other person thinks.” The rappers have distinct styles and roles. 5Much brings a hustler’s mentality and vents about his life, while EK packs the energy. P4K is the proud instigator known for slick-talking raps, while Top5ivee often comes up with B.S.G.’s catchy hooks. In the year since they started releasing videos, the Baby Stone Gorillas remain committed to growth and expansion. “The set was all I knew; I was either in jail or in The Jungle,” says P4K. “I started rapping without a pen and paper, without notes; I just go in there and freestyle, and I’m good at it. I can see myself doing this for a long time.” Others in the group echo that sentiment in unison.

In July of 2021, the group’s self-titled video began a march to a million views. Soon, “Military,” a group favorite, was played on Drake’s OVO Sound. Then Shaquille O’Neal reposted the RJMrLA collaboration “Untouchable” on Instagram. In December, they released an eponymous eight-song collection. “People thought we couldn’t make a song without dissing. We know what we talk about and what we may promote, but we are trying to show that we’re good people,” says Top5ivee. The B.S.G. members could be recognized for their face tattoos or trademark Cardinals and Blue Jay caps, but their laughter and playfulness best represent four young men bringing a dream to reality. “We take care of each other and make sure everybody is straight.”

For 2022, B.S.G. is diversifying with a dynamic mixtape. “We want to show you our work ethic,” justifies EK of the sprawling release. “We want listeners to see that we really put effort in. Every one of them 23 songs is a slapper.” While their movement may have begun in the toughest of streets, the Baby Stones Gorillas are making their way to diverse audiences worldwide.

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