Album: wifisfuneral –Ā 4 Month Binge Before Revenge

The South Florida Rapper Takes a Frank, Unflinching, but Good-Humored Look At His Struggles With Addiction and Depressing In His First Independent Project

Critical Praise:

XXL Freshman, Class of 2018

“[wifisfuneral] displays an impressive array of verbal acrobatics, showing off masterful breath control and a rapid fire flow.” Ā –Ā Pitchfork

“Heā€™s synthesized the regionless, borderless world of the internet age from which he takes his name, while lacing it with a narcotically addictive flow and a distinct ear for melody thatā€™s allowed him to develop while others stagnate.”Ā –Ā NOISEY

“The young rapper has a wide range of skills, from agile raps and bass-heavy tracks to dark and moody slow-burners, and his unpredictability is part of his appeal”Ā –Ā Pigeons & Planes

The Album:

wifisfuneral’s cerebral rap music probes his state of mind for an unfiltered accounting of his struggles and successes. Giving into his worst impulses in an attempt to cleanse his soul, wifisfuneral sharesĀ 4 Month Binge Before Revenge, his new project. The album receives its title from a recent spiral of depression, self-medication, and furious creativity, his vices fueling the music in his head. A return to the twisty rhymes and dark-night-of-the-soul vibes that endeared him to a massive fanbase as he ascended the South Florida underground, the new album follows a loose storyline, as wifi plunges into the depths of his psyche and emerges out the other end ready for blood.

“Iā€™m not able to be as vulnerable when Iā€™m sober,”Ā says wifisfuneral.Ā “When Iā€™m under the influence, itā€™s easier to let it flow, itā€™s raw, it gets right out of my head. Self-medicating. This is the only way Iā€™m able to do it right now.”

4 Month Binge Before RevengeĀ is the first wifisfuneral album to feature his own productionā€“the 25-year-old artist has a playful sense of melody, which he uses to create contrast between the music and its dark subject matter. Despite the frank depiction of mental illness and depression, wifi keeps things afloat with his pitch black sense of humor and dexterous lyricism. On mixtape highlight and recent singleĀ “Ahhhh,” the rapper stacks quotable line after quotable line as he alternates high-powered flexes with self-searching. Along with his own production, wifi’s latest features contributions from frequent collaborators Sega,Ā Benda,Ā andĀ Hoku.Ā Home to recent singlesĀ “Euphoria”Ā andĀ “Deadwalk,”Ā 4 Month Binge Before RevengeĀ is available everywhere via his new label living deadĀ /Ā ONErpm.

Emerging from South Florida’s fertile underground scene, wifisfuneral set himself apart with his soul-searching, dense, and lyrical songs. He built a loyal fanbase on SoundCloud and beyond, earning a place on 2018’s XXL Freshman list.Ā  Now, wifi returns with a book full of diaristic rhymes and a chip on his shoulder, ready to once again prove his mettle in the unforgiving rap game.

Buy/StreamĀ 4 Month Binge Before Revenge:Ā http://onerpm.link/4monthbinge

4 Month Binge B4 RevengeĀ tracklist:
1. Hero 2 Zero / Zero 2 Hero*
2. Ahhhhh*
3. 333
4. Save Me From Myself*
5. Deadwalk
6. New Charger*
7. Euphoria
8. Im Mad lol
9. Tris*
10. Miami (produced by wifisfuneral & Benda)
11. In Too Deep*
12. Evil Weef (produced by wifisfuneral & Hoku)
* produced by wifisfuneral

Please contactĀ MichelleĀ for more info.

The Background:

About wifisfuneral
25-year-old South Florida rapperĀ wifisfuneralĀ has taken his dark sonics, mature-beyond-his-years lyrics, and trunk rattling bass from the streets of Palm Beach to the world, amassing over 1.7 million monthly listeners on SpotifyĀ and over 700,000 followers on various social media platforms. wifisfuneralā€™s growth has been organic and cult-like, with his fans spreading his music like wildfire with each and every release.

About ONErpm
ONErpmĀ is a next-generation music company and leader in new revenue opportunities, operatingĀ oneĀ of the worldā€™s largest music distribution platforms and YouTube Multi-Channel Networks. Offering a full suite of services that includes marketing support, supply chain tools, business intelligence, publishing, accounting, and global payment solutions,Ā ONErpmĀ provides the infrastructure needed to help creators and content owners succeed. As a trusted partner,Ā ONErpmĀ emphasizes transparency in everything it does, from executing a marketing campaign to making payments.Ā ONErpmĀ currently operates in 30 territories across the globe with a staff of over 450, making itĀ oneĀ of the fastest-growing independent music companies in the world.

For more information, visitĀ www.onerpm.com

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Bio, photos, music, and more for wifisfuneral can be found atĀ www.audibletreats.com/wifisfuneral

4 Month Binge Before Revenge:Ā http://onerpm.link/4monthbinge

“Ahhhhh”:Ā http://onerpm.link/ahhhhhh