Video: Wara From the NBHD – “Beige”

Brooklyn-Bred, Atlanta-Based Rapper/Producer Heads to Miami to Slack Off at Work, Premiere via The Fader



Critical Praise for Wara From the NBHD:

“Lyrically he comes across as both book and street smart and has the direct cadence of a great live performer.”XXL

“Wara… has nearly bled mind, body and emotions dry in writing and scoring his audible biopic.”Passion of the Weiss

“Take him lightly at your own risk.”Complex

“One of Atlanta’s best kept secrets – though not for much longer.”PotholesInMyBlog

“One of Atlanta‚Äôs most promising acts of the new wave.”Ashley Outrageous

“The gloomy, minimalist production… is perfectly suited for a late-night ride through town.” ¬†– The FADER¬†

“His hook and verses are on-point.”MissInfo.TV

Keeping the mood as murky as possible, Wara makes his presence known over a spooky backing voice positioned against a secluded guitar and drums.”OnSMASH

The Video:

Filmed in Miami, Brooklyn-bred, Atlanta based rapper/producer¬†Wara From The NBHD¬†shares¬†visuals for ‚ÄúBeige,‚Ä̬†the third single from¬†his forthcoming concept album,¬†Kidnapped.¬†“Solid, aspirational rap with a slacker wit,” says¬†The Fader¬†in their premiere of the video. Mobbing around an open art space with mops and brooms,¬†the¬†janitor jobs clearly weren‚Äôt working for Wara and his partners, as the visuals show them running around the city smoking, toting super soakers, and hitting the basketball courts, all while in uniform.

Sampling the drums from the Neptunes-produced¬†Jay-Z track “I Know,” the rapper/producer adds live guitar licks, which Wara says assist in channeling the “Miami get-away feel.” Kicking off the song, he raps, “Maybe it‚Äôs my self-esteem that I find less important/ and I don‚Äôt like people around when I take time for recording/ my only get away from all the things that‚Äôs annoying/ and all this eye-balling got my eyes peeled like an orange.”¬†Adding context to the song, and how it fits into the mold of the concept album, Wara says¬†that¬†“this is the part where the character is changing physically and he’s going hard selling drugs, but he just wants to get away for once and see the world outside of his hood.”

This juxtaposition is highlighted even more toward the end of the video, when the song slowly fades into a preview of the track ‚ÄúPiano Lessons.‚ÄĚ The camera quickly¬†jumps to Wara in a graffiti-filled bathroom, rapping, ‚ÄúMama lookin’ for me, but a n*gga never home,‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúI‚Äôm just a light skinned rebel in a world alone.‚ÄĚ This snippet is much more ominous in nature, accentuated by dreary piano over gunshots and bass¬†before cutting to black.

The video is directed by both Wara and Chris Cadaver. It follows the release of the album’s previous singles “Squeal” and “Scrilla.” Kidnapped,¬†which includes features from¬†Fools Gold¬†artist¬†Grande Marshall¬†and¬†Two-9¬†rappers¬†Rell¬†and¬†Light Skin Mac-11,¬†will be be released on July 29.

Check out The Fader premiere:

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Wara From the NBHD –¬†Kidnapped¬†tracklist:

01. “Get In”
02. “Piano Lessons”
03. “Slangin”
04. “Beige”
05. “Raw” (feat. Grande Marshall)
06. “Hot Boy”
07. “Fuck You Mean / Composure”
08. “Scrilla”
09. “Annoyed”
10. “Squeal (Peel Off)”
11. “Gone Baby Gone” (feat. Rell & Light Skin Mac-11 of Two-9)

Wara From the NBHD
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Wara From the NBHD Background:

Wara From the NBHD¬†might be ATL’s next rising star. The Brooklyn born, Atlanta-based rapper serves as an embodiment of both of the areas he grew up in.¬†An artist with a unique ability to blend both cultures seamlessly with striking lyricism and impressive production. This sentiment is highlighted with Wara’s latest release The Ill Street Blues¬†a mix tape garnering critical praise from notable outlets such as The Fader, Complex and XXL. The project portrays a dichotomy of the good and bad Wara has experienced in his life, notably personified by his son sitting next to a gun on the mix tapes cover. His upcoming release Kidnapped, will serve as a concept album produced entirely by himself and will be released later this summer.

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“Beige” (Video):


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“98 Rocafella”:¬†

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The Ill Street Blues:

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