VLONE Relaunches with STFO Brick and First New Clothing and Lifestyle Drop of 2023, Exclusively Available at LIVEVLONEDIEVLONE.COM

The Iconic Harlem-Born Streetwear Brand Kicks Off a Big Year with the Collectible, Crystal Glass Brick Plus the “Brick By Brick” Collection, a New Offering of Premium Apparel

VLONE Starts “FRIENDS-” Program, a Series of Regular Collaborations With Rising Creatives, With a New Music Video From Harlem Rapper Iceberg Slum

The Announcement:

Changing the game with each limited drop, VLONE is one of the most iconic fashion brands of the past decade. Today, the company launches a momentous new era, debuting the “STFO Brick” and dropping the “Brick By Brick” collection, its first new apparel and accessories drop of 2023. All items are available for purchase at LIVEVLONEDIEVLONE.com

The “Brick By Brick” collection includes 28 items in total, including 100% cotton graphic tees, a heavyweight, loose fitting black zip hoodie, a reversible black zip vest, an orange sweat pant designed to match the zip vest, gray leather “LVDV” work gloves, and more. All items in the “Brick By Brick ”collection are unisex and made in the USA.

The new items come emblazoned with VLONE signature phrases, including company motto “LIVE VLONE DIE VLONE,” “FRIENDS-,” and “LIFESTYLE MEMBERS ONLY®,” a phrase that emphasizes the company’s new communal approach to fashion and lifestyle.

The collection also includes one-of-a-kind accessories. VLONE has commissioned Sheron Barber Atelier Crafthouse to construct a meticulously handcrafted “LVDV” barrel bag. This premium item takes an individual artisan twelve hours to make by hand. Finally, the collection includes a solid 18k gold “SOLD THE F*CK OUT” necklace, with brick links to symbolize prosperity and success.

VLONE’s first drop of the year also includes the highly-anticipated “STFO Brick,” a limited edition collectible item that represents the cornerstone of the brand’s new house of fashion and lifestyle products. A translucent orange, crystal glass brick with the phrase “SOLD THE F*CK OUT” engraved on the brick’s long sides, the “STFO Brick” weighs 6 lbs and comes secured in its own utility hard case, complete with a blueprint drawing and a detailed mission statement from the company.

In the new era of VLONE, the brand is determined to lift up new voices and bring them into the fold with its brand new “FRIENDS-” initiative. With “FRIENDS-,” VLONE plans to collaborate with and showcase the talents of up-and-coming and established artists through media and fashion activations. A brand with a long history of high-profile collaborations, “FRIENDS-” signals VLONE’s renewed dedication to embracing distinctive creatives who defy the norm and inspire the willing.

The first spotlighted “FRIENDS-” artist is Iceberg Slum, an 18-year-old up-and-coming rapper from Harlem, who is currently making an impact on the local scene with his music, p he calls “Atmos Trap.” Iceberg Slum releases the brand new music video for “Kudos,” live exclusively on VLONE’s website.

A crucial force in the worlds of streetwear and high fashion since its founding in 2011, VLONE has more worlds to conquer. Stay tuned for much more information, including ventures into the world of grooming, fragrances, cannabis, and much more.

Buy the “STFO Brick” and all clothing items at LIVEVLONEDIEVLONE.com

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The Background

VLONE originated in Harlem in 2011. It was a dream, discussed among friends, that eventually became a reality through hard work and dedication. VLONE helped foster a burgeoning arts scene in the area, using the Denim Library store as a base of operations for conversations that would change the course of music and fashion in New York City and beyond over the next decade. In the new era of VLONE, the brand continues to lift up new voices and bring them into the fold–the new VLONE is teeming with rising creatives hungry to make their mark on the world.

The brand is known for its minimalist style, “V” logo and recurring phrases “LIVE VLONE DIE VLONE” and “FRIENDS -.” Many of the core brand elements take inspiration from American thespian Orson Welles who once said, “We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we’re not alone.”


Official website: http://www.livevlonedievlone.com