Video: Trapland Pat – “Losses

The Broward County Riser Recounts the Struggles that Preceded his Stardom in New Video

Critical Praise:

“He’s subtly melodic and catchy even outside of the hook. He does the beat justice by making what he grew up with into something new.” – Pitchfork

“”Big Business is the #18 Best Rap Song of 2021–If “Big Business” is any indication, Trapland Pat may well become South Florida’s next rap auteur. In less than two minutes, he deftly connects Broward County’s disparate styles, vibrating at his own zany frequency.” – Passion Of The Weiss

“10 New Miami Rappers To Watch…Trapland Pat is unlike any other act to come out of South Florida. Since 2019, Pat has consistently delivered grimy bars and smooth cadences over an array of trap beats. Over the past three years, the Deerfield Beach native has been feeding his growing fanbase with singles like “Emergency” and “Dealings,” along with four projects: Exit 41, Pak Man, Interstate Baby, and 2020 Vision. (The last two albums were released via Fredo Bang’s imprint Bang Biz Productions/Create Music Group.) In 2021, Trapland Pat dropped his latest project, Thru Da Door, via Bang Biz, featuring collaborations with Kuttem Reese and Members Only rapper Kid Trunks. He’s still pushing his latest single, ‘Boondocks,”‘which dropped last month. However, on Instagram, Pat celebrated the anniversary of his song ‘Big Business’ and teased a potential remix coming later this year.” – Miami New Times

“Over the course of the last few weeks perhaps no one else has hit the scene as hard as Pat…The Florida rapper raps with wide-eyed astonishment, seemingly at his own bars sometimes which become as animated as his facial expressions. To be honest, the sheer confidence Trapland Pat employs on the track here just makes you want to pay attention or risk missing out on something.” – ELEVATOR

The Video:

A proven vibe-setter with the versatility to shine on any instrumental, Trapland Pat has stepped up as the next to make it big from Broward County, FL. Offering a glimpse into his more reflective side, while keeping his head-bopping bounciness fully intact, Pat shares his new video for “Losses,” the latest single from his upcoming project, Trapnificent, coming soon via Bang Biz Ent./Alamo Records.

In the ShotByJolo-directed “Losses” video, Trapland Pat posts up on the corner, surrounded by a crew of masked men. Donning a pink fur jacket as police lights illuminate the corner, Pat keeps on dancing as everyone else scatters— never losing his cool, even in the Florida heat. After all it took to get where he is now, Pat can’t be shook by mishaps he’s already learned from: “I ain’t even got a heart no more/Always on go, can’t park no more/Finished with that b****, can’t start no more/So I can’t even take it to the heart no more.”

Raised in a strict Haitian household in Deerfield Beach, FL, Trapland Pat took it upon himself to escape his rough circumstances by any means necessary. When his football dreams came crashing to a halt after his scholarship to Indiana State was revoked, Pat threw himself into rap music. Inspired by his brother’s habit of freestyling, Pat realized he had serious talent, and spent his spare time refining his wordplay and songwriting. He made a name for himself in the south with mixtapes like Exit 41 and Pak Man, eventually earning the attention of Fredo Bang, who signed him to his Bang Biz imprint, in partnership with Alamo Records.

2021 was a huge year for the young rapper, heralded by his single “Big Business.” Dominated by a simple, but infectious piano riff, “Big Business” showcased the rapper’s rare charisma, generating over 5 million combined streams and earning praise from Passion of the Weiss, who recently placed the song at #18 on its list of Best Rap Songs of 2021. “Big Business” was the centerpiece of the Pitchfork-acclaimed Thru The Door, an accomplished 13-track mixtape with appearances from fellow Floridians Kid Trunks and Kuttem Reese.

As Trapland Pat looks to take his searing street raps to a much larger audience, stay tuned for much more music from the young rapper, and don’t dare doubt his determination to succeed.

Watch “Losses”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z0FmZ2Sfjk

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“Losses”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Z0FmZ2Sfjk

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“Motions”: http://lnk.to/traplandpat-motions

“Boondocks”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5moVllc-YN8

“Big Business”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7DyEwc3_iU