Album: A Million Billion Dying Suns – “Strawberry EP”

Transcendental Rock Band A Million Billion Dying Suns Releases Debut Strawberry EP


AMBDS Strawberry EP Cover Art

Critical Praise for AMBDS

“A Million Billion Dying Suns is raw as f*ck. And it’s not just the whiskey talking.” – Boots Riley (The Coup & Street Sweeper Social Club)

“…washes of beautiful, unrelenting, but reigned in noise; glorious noise.” – Impose

The Album:

Listening to “Plush” immediately makes clear how A Million Billion Dying Suns earned their name. Pulsating, reverb-drenched guitars dance atop a pounding bass drum, as the track’s molten energy swells to the point of bursting. In the apex of the song, a red-hot guitar solo showcases AMBDS’s unique take on noise-pop; there is serious musical talent behind the driving layers of sound. Frontman Nate Mercereau connects the song’s rising sensation to the human struggle of remaining present:

“‘Plush’ is a long crescendo all the way to the last note, and the last chord still doesn’t resolve. (Like life?) The song is about being present, which is a constant effort; something I have to always be reminded of. It’s very easy to get sucked into your own world and lose touch (it’s even necessary sometimes), but at the same time we are all on this planet at the same time, and in the history of humanity, that is a unique thing.”

Although AMBDS formed in 2013, Mercereau and his bandmates are no rookies to the scene: the musicians have collaborated on past projects with noted artists including Richard AshcroftLauryn Hill, and Chaka Khan. Today’s Consequence of Sound premiere of “Plush” anticipates the upcoming release of the band’s debut EP, the Strawberry EP.

Typically, a band might cite other groups or perhaps genres as musical influences. A Million Billion Dying Suns, however, is no typical band. Group leader Nate Mercereau says of his songwriting process, “Trying to create a song or melody that is a musical representation of something abstract is what’s most inspirational. Like, ‘what would this pyramid sing if it was levitating over a frozen ocean on a distant planet right now?’  I haven’t used that one yet ha, but strange otherworldly visuals like that stimulate me to make music.”

These abstract influences reveal themselves in the band’s music: Consequence of Sound raves about how “Mercereau’s voice floats out into the ether like a stranded astronaut as the song spirals towards oblivion, only to be pulled back down in the gravity swell of a massive, soundscape-altering guitar solo.”

The San Francisco-based band today premieres their debut, an exhilarating 3-song EP entitled Strawberry EP.

Stream “Plush” on Consequence of Sound:

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A Million Billion Dying Suns Background:

A Million Billion Dying Suns is the project and child of Nate Mercereau, guitarist, singer and principal songwriter. Formed in San Francisco, the band is a transcendental wall of sound that lives up to it’s own name. Band members include Steve Wyreman (guitar), Josh Lippi (bass), Derek Taylor (drums) and Ben Schwier (keys). Members of the band have performed and recorded with artists across the musical spectrum. Nate Mercereau with Sheila E and Chaka Khan and Steve Wyreman with Richard AshcroftLauryn Hill and NO ID. As a band they have backed Darondo, Alice Russell, Wallpaper., and Chuck Prophet. Despite their affiliations, AMBDS chooses to transcend musically through the raging chaos of the infinite universes, channeled through the wailing and ruling of their guitars. This fall, AMBDS is set to release a 3 song EP entitled the Strawberry EP.

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