Video: King Truth (aka Trae Tha Truth) – “Can’t Get Close”

The Houston Rapper and Humanitarian Revisits a Cut From 2017’s Tha Truth Pt. 3 in the Wake of the Hometown Hero Release



Critical Praise for Trae Tha Truth:

“More concise rhymes, insightful and diverse subject matter, and solid features show how far Trae has come as an MC and a songwriter.”¬†–¬†

“Houston hip-hop veteran¬†Trae Tha Truth may not be anything to you but down in the city of Screw Juice, the¬†Asshole By Nature¬†is the man in the streets”¬†–¬†VIBE

“Trae embodies everything that is Texas in an artist. He’s independent, strong and a survivor.”¬†–¬†

“Trae Tha Truth (or just Trae) is one of the more authentic artists currently operating in Texas, if not the South in general.”¬†–¬†HotNewHipHop

“Trae tha Truth is one of Houston’s most imposing musical forces, a bona fide legend in the harrowing streets of southwest Houston.”¬†–¬†Houston Press

The Video:

A veteran rapper and elegant ambassador for his city, the¬†philanthropic generosity of Houston’s¬†King Truth¬†(aka Trae Tha Truth)¬†matches his prolific musical output. Revisiting a cut from 2017’s¬†Tha Truth Pt. 3¬†to commemorate the anniversary of a friend’s death, Trae mourns his friend¬†Money Clip D¬†in¬†Can’t Get Close,” his latest video. Pressing play on a collection of home movies, the rapper reminisces over a soulful instrumental, watching archived footage and visiting his friend’s grave in the cemetery. Premiered as a¬†WorldStarHipHop¬†exclusive, “Can’t Get Close” follows the release of¬†Hometown Hero, his tenth studio album, which came out on Friday.

Reflecting on the aftereffects of Hurricane Harvey,¬†Hometown Hero¬†kicks off¬†with¬†What About Us,” a poignant track with a video with a cameo from¬†Beyonc√©, which shines a spotlight on the still-struggling city, noting that though the news cycle has moved on, there are many people who still need aid.¬†he poignant intro lends heft to the rest of the album, in which King Truth returns to his impossibly self-assured self, recruiting¬†Young Thug¬†for the manic¬†Don’t Know Me,”¬†which premiered earlier this week in¬†XXL, trades bars with¬†Mozzy¬†on¬†“No Pressure,” and shows off his smooth singing voice on the laid-back¬†“I Got It On Me.”¬†Last week,¬†Billboard¬†premiered¬†¬†Better Dayz,”¬†an endlessly funky track featuring an appearance from¬†T.I.¬†Featuring additional appearances from¬†Boosie, Money Man, Ink, Kim,¬†and¬†RaRa,¬†Hometown Hero¬†arrived last week via¬†EMPIRE.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in August, the King Truth¬†leapt into action, raising money and saving people affected by the flood.¬†During the immediate aftermath of the disaster, King Truth provided aid to Houston’s citizens,¬†patrolling a boat¬†through Houston, Port Arthur, and surrounding areas to rescue those trapped by flooding (including¬†San Antonio Spurs forward Jonathon Simmons) and providing Texas inmates with¬†food and supplies.¬†Following the hurricane, King Truth¬†launched a GoFundMe¬†through his¬†Angels By Nature¬†nonprofit organization, which earned over$211,000, with celebrities such as¬†Snoop Dogg,¬†Mike Epps, and¬†T.I.¬†donating. For his efforts in support of the hurricane recovery, King Truth recently received a commendation from the City of Houston, who honored the rapper by listing him as one of the heroes to be honored by¬†“Houston’s Harvey Heroes” Day, occurring each year on¬†February 27th.

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The Background:

There are three ways to write about Trae Tha Truth. One is to talk about his music, and that’s important because he is a rapper and making music is what he does. The other is to talk about him as a human, and that’s important, because he has done some truly monumental and impressive things. The third is to talk about the intersection of him as a rapper and him as a humanitarian, because that’s where Trae really belongs. His music is often inspired by the experiences of the disenfranchised, which is rooted in the broken roads of the ghetto. It’s driven by loss, by love, by loyalty, and by when one or two or all of those things are taken away or tested of those he cares about.

Trae Tha Truth is very modest, he never talks about his guest features he’d done or any of his new tapes (Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, T.I., Nas, etc.) or how he’d landed another MTV JAM Video of the Week or how he’d signed to T.I.’s label or any of the things people were watching him accomplish from afar. What you need to about Trae is he is a rapper, who has only ever viewed rap as another way for him to help people. Trae Tha Truth’s Tha Truth 2 is the second part of a two album series, following 2015’s Tha Truth. The project came out on February 5th and is available to buy on iTunes.

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