TikTok Treats, Week of December 21st

Paul McCartney, Holiday Celebrations, and New Year’s Eve Live on TikTok

The News:

Though 2020 has undoubtedly been a whirlwind for most, TikTok has taken pride in being able to serve as a faithful sidekick to many in the midst of it all. Throughout the year, millions of users have looked to TikTok as a way to escape life’s daily challenges while also making the best of the present. With snow falling and anticipation rising, the TikTok community prepares to embrace winter, the cherished holidays, and a brand new year by celebrating with classic holiday jams, welcoming one of the most prominent names in music history, and an eye-popping NYE celebration to cap it all off.

  • TikTok is ending 2020 with a bang! Hosted by Brittany Broski and Lil Yachty, here comes another TikTok LIVE, “New Year’s Eve” with performances from TikTok’s biggest stars, including Jason Derulo, Saweetie, Anitta, and more. In addition to the performances, there will be appearances from trendsetters such as Cardi B, Mick Fleetwood, Liam Payne, Wayne Brady and many more. With a stacked lineup, this event goes to show the extent of TikTok’s growth and influence in 2020. Tune in on December 31, 2020 at 9:30 pm EST, to say #bye2020 and #welcome2021.
  • To celebrate the release of his new album McCartney III, one of music’s greatest legends Paul McCartney gracefully took to the platform to give users and fans a lighthearted, yet revealing glimpse into the makings of his new body of work. From behind the scenes studio footage to heartwarming looks at the album photoshoot led by his daughter Mary McCartney and featuring his beloved Appaloosa horse, Sir Paul seems to be sharing it all. Perhaps the best was a comical TikTok showing off his best moves to standout track, “Find My Way.” TikTok stardom may be the next feat in the ever-talented icon’s endless list of successes.
  • With an already remarkable 60+ year history, TikTok adds further proof that there are few Christmas songs as beloved as the classic Bobby Helms classic “Jingle Bell Rock.” The song’s continuously-increasing presence is certainly being felt, with almost half a million creations on the platform so far. This timeless tune has everyone putting up their best Christmas lightssharing recipes for their own unique hot cocoa, and, quite literally, taking Christmas tree shopping and decorating into their own hands to prepare for the upcoming holiday. After all, aside from “Jingle Bell Rock,” almost nothing screams Christmas more than extravagant light displays, spiced hot cocoa, and Christmas tree competitions.

In a year of uncertainty, one thing has been for sure: TikTok’s ability to entertain and bring joy to the world. Not only has TikTok become a global phenomenon, it has revolutionized the music industry as we know it. Playing a vital role in music, TikTok has propelled hits, both old and new, to find success on the Billboard charts and beyond. The TikTok community has witnessed A-list artists and brand new names join in on the endless fun and flourish on their quests to leave a mark on the music industry, as well as the world. With TikTok leading the charge, 2020 will surely go down in history as a year of musical innovation.

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TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Their mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy.

TikTok has global offices including Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul, and Tokyo.


TikTok’s Newsroom: https://newsroom.tiktok.com/en-us

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