TikTok Celebrates #BlackMusicMonth at VidCon 2022

The Announcement:

This week, TikTok is a title sponsor of VidCon, bringing where the world’s leading digital creators and platform innovators converge in one place to form a magical meeting of talented creators and their fans. For the first in-person VidCon since 2019, TikTok presents four fun-filled days of IRL programming, featuring some of the most beloved creators from the TikTok community.

During VidCon, TikTok celebrates Black Music Month by hosting two panels dedicated to Hip-Hop and the massive impact that the genre has had on TikTok and the culture at large. Here’s what to expect from the two panels, featuring some exciting rising artists and members of the TikTok Music team.

June 23 @ 2:30PM PT: How TikTok is Bringing in the New School Of Sound (Featuring LakeyahZai1K and Trinidad Cardona)

From community-driven trends and content styles, to unique sounds and more, music has defined the culture on TikTok. In this panel you’ll hear from your favorite emerging artists and the TikTok music team as they dive into celebrating authenticity through music, how TikTok has become a vessel for the new class of hip-hop stars, and the platform’s role in revitalizing the music discovery process.

June 23 @ 4PM PT: How Women in Hip Hop Have Found a Home on TikTok (Featuring DoechiiBaby Tate, and Monaleo)

In a primarily male-dominated genre, women in hip-hop have found a way to connect with their audience through TikTok, which has translated to real-world impact on the charts. Join this session for a deep-dive into one of the most exciting and influential communities on the platform, and hear from music artists as they discuss the importance of women in hip-hop and their journeys to success through TikTok.

Tai Verdes, who rocketed to prominence on the back of TikTok hits like “Stuck In The Middle” and “A-OK,” will also make a special appearance during TikTok’s official Keynote on Thursday, June 23 @ 3:30 PM PT.

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