Video: The Posterz -“Bulalay” (Welcome to Junga)

Premiered by The FADER, the Montreal Rappers Release Haunting “Lord of the Flies-esque”  video for Tribal Chant-based “Bulalay”



Critical Praise for The Posterz:

“‘Starships & Dark Tints,’ The Posterz’ debut EP, consists of five songs packed tight with weird beats and promising lyrical flow.” – Red Bull

“The trio from Montreal rap quickly over bouncy synths and whines that are punctuated by quivering horns, but more important is the fact that they look cool while doing so. “-  Noisey

“It felt like if the Canadians won the Stanley Cup – except Husser, Kris The Spirit, and Sir-Share-It are holding the Cup.” – The Hundreds

“Montreal is slowly but surely becoming a hotbed for hip-hop. With the help of producers like Kaytranada, and artists like The Posterz, the city’s finally on the map for budding talent.” – Complex

The Video: 

With their sophomore project JUNGA dropping October 30th, Montreal rappers and producers The Posterz get tribal for their “Bulalay” visual, which premiered via The FADER. Clutching a brilliantly decorated onyx-colored rooster and flanked by a Rottweiler, sits rapper Husser in a wild, apocalyptic backdrop. The Posterz, consisting of rappers Husser and Kris the $pirit, along with producer Joey Sherrett, have been dubbed by Complex as the “pillars of the new wave of Montreal rap.”

“To us that’s what it is, the world is the just a jungle, everywhere is the same If we look at it logically and realistically, the real world is the spirit world,” The Posterz explained to The FADER. Joey says, “‘Bulalay’ is like a ghetto ‘Hakuna Matata.’ It’s a good day in the junga – problem free, just friends, girls and party. The vid starts with Huss getting up jumping in the pickup, we go link up with Chris, and party in the forest.”

The Posterz are no strangers to success – their debut EP, Starships and Dark Tints, landed them on the radars of the Huffington Post, who named them a “Top 10 Artists to Follow” in 2014, and in Noisey US/UK/France/Canada, Complex, Red Bull Music, Les InRocks, and the Montreal Gazette. Two years after their debut release, JUNGA shows off their musical diversity, ranging from modern-day boom-bap (“Want It All”) to a rock-infused love/hate anthem (“Ben Up”), and even a flip of synth-pop duo Secret Sun (“Cold Coast Remix.”) Stay tuned for JUNGA, slated to release on October 30th.

JUNGA EP Tracklisting:
1) Bulalay
2) Want It All
3) Rumble
4) Ben Up
5) Cold Coast Remix
6) Want It All *Chopped & Screwed version*

Watch “Bulalay”:

Check out the FADER premiere:

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The Posterz Background:

In five short years and not much more than one EP worth of music, Montreal-based rap trio The Posterz have staked their claim in hip-hop both locally and globally with their refreshing, raw and innovative sound. They seemingly emerged fully formed, making their first splash with October 2013’s “The Bass Song,” a defiant anthem that came with an equally vibrant, self-directed video. The Starships and Dark Tints EP followed, as did love from the press: the trio were named in Huffington Post’s “Top 10 Artists to Follow” in 2014, and featured in numerous publications such as Noisey US/UK/France/Canada, Complex, Red Bull Music, Les InRocks, the Montreal Gazette, and more.

The group linked up in 2010, in a community center studio in Little Burgundy, a downtown Montreal neighborhood which birthed the city’s internationally renowned jazz scene a couple of generations earlier. Rappers Husser and Kris the $pirit stumbled on what Husser called “the best beat we ever heard in our lives” on the studio computer. They tracked down its creator; in producer Joey Sherrett, they found the third member of the group. The Posterz cite Kanye West, Andre 3000, Future and The Beatles among other influences, but are adamant about creating a sound that is all their own. Even in Montreal, they say their biggest inspirations are less musical and more aspirational; Montreal-born acts like Arcade Fire and Kaytranada made them realize they could blow up too. Huss and Kris temper their deft lyricism with a sense of humor. Sherrett’s beats mix adventurous, hard-knocking drums with masterful of low-end leads and expert synth work. They will release the JUNGA EP on October 30th, 2015.

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