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Video: Dylan Owen – “The Glory Years”

The 22 Year-Old New York Rap Artist Delivers Thought-Provoking Video to Accompany Recent EP


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The Video:

New York rap artist Dylan Owen recently released his heartfelt There’s More To Life EP, and now he’s following it with a reminiscent visual for¬†“The Glory Years.” The video, directed by¬†Mike Holland, follows a melancholic Dylan as he revisits his childhood room to rifle through¬†old mementos, while an older man reminisces about his younger years, bringing the theme of nostalgia full circle. At just 22 years old, Dylan’s self-awareness and self-actualization¬†belies his age and “The Glory Years,” acutely summarizes the project‚Äôs message. “We haven‚Äôt had the best years of our lives yet, and that‚Äôs okay,” Owen explains. “I‚Äôm confident that they‚Äôre still to come.”

“The Glory Years” is the intro track from Dylan Owen’s recently released EP,¬†There’s More To Life. Deemed a “well-crafted record” by¬†RESPECT¬†magazine, the EP showcases Owen’s¬†hip-hop-meets-indie-rock sound with boom bap drums, live guitars and violins, antique pianos, and vintage lo-fi keyboards all in the same setting. The visuals for “The Glory Years” follows Owen’s last video release for his pensive single, “Everything Gets Old,” debuted by DJ Booth,¬†illustrates universal coming-of-age uncertainties that many young adults feel today; what will happen when some of us start to grow apart as we reach adulthood? Dylan Owen’s¬†There’s More To Life¬†EP is available now via iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud, where Owen put individual artwork as well as handwritten backstories for each song.

Watch “The Glory Years”:¬†https://youtu.be/gFNsKNCf_H8

Check out the PopMatters premiere: http://www.popmatters.com/post/195265-dylan-owen-the-glory-years-video-premiere/

Listen to There’s More To Life:¬†https://soundcloud.com/dylanowenmusic/sets/theres-more-to-life

Buy¬†There’s More To Life on iTunes:¬†apple.co/1J5Pbn2

Please contact Michelle or Rory if interested in talking with Dylan Owen.

Dylan Owen Background:

Dylan Owen is a rap artist from New York. With his own brand of heart-on-sleeve, confessional storytelling, he has built an undeniable fan following at a young age. His wordplay and multisyllabic patterns prove his proficiency as a rapper, while his writing feels more like that of a young storyteller who can also rhyme. Dylan left Cornell University in 2011 to develop as an artist in New York City

In late 2012, Billboard¬†elected Dylan a top-15 ‚ÄúNext Big Sound‚ÄĚ artist based on his swiftly growing online buzz.¬†Dylan has opened for Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, Yelawolf, Chiddy Bang, Mac Lethal, Grieves, George Watsky, The Metermaids, Logic, Skizzy Mars, Asher Roth, and many others.¬†Dylan will be releasing music and videos leading up to a new project, There‚Äôs More To Life, the next installment in his coming-of-age story.

official site | twitter | facebook | youtube | soundcloud

“The Glory Years”: https://youtu.be/gFNsKNCf_H8

There’s More To Life:¬†https://soundcloud.com/dylanowenmusic/sets/theres-more-to-life

“Everything Gets Old”:¬†https://youtu.be/w0lTbfUlI7k //¬†https://soundcloud.com/dylanowenmusic/everything-gets-old

“The Best Fears of Our Lives”:¬†https://soundcloud.com/dylanowenmusic/the-best-fears-of-our-lives

“Sail Up the Sun”:¬†https://soundcloud.com/dylanowenmusic/sail-up-the-sun

Bio, photos, and more info on Dylan Owen: http://audibletreats.com/dylan-owen