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Mixtape: Ro Ransom –¬†Momentum

The New Project From the Acclaimed Singer/Rapper Features Hits Like “See Me Fall” and “Doppelganger”


Critical Praise for Ro Ransom:

“Ro Ransom dances through each song, dynamically, giving him the air of a predator toying with its lunch right before the kill.”The FADER

“Ro transitions from singing to passionately¬†rapping with ease, and he’s incredibly gifted at both.” –¬†Complex

“Ro Ransom is ready for his big break.” –¬†Pigeons & Planes

The Mixtape:

A fearlessly creative young artist with a long list of disparate influences,¬†Ro Ransom¬†specializes tasteful, speaker-knocking hybrid of rap music and R&B. Treating us to his first project under his current name, Ro Ransom shares¬†Momentum, a dense and exhilarating new mixtape. Packed with innovative production mixing acoustic and electronic instruments and drawing from a wide palette of inspirations,¬†Momentumchanges drastically from track to track, bounding from the chamber-rap, pizzicato¬†“Prettiest,” to the¬†room-enveloping¬†“Stop The World,”¬†which evokes¬†808s-era¬†Kanye West,¬†late 80s¬†Phil Collins, and the¬†Drive¬†soundtrack¬†in equal parts, to the bombastic trap of¬†the hit single¬†“See Me Fall,” all in a span of three tracks. Featuring appearances from¬†Jazz Cartier¬†and¬†Kensei Abbot,¬†the album boasts previously released hits like¬†“Doppelganger,”¬†which Spotify listed on their¬†Most Necessary¬†playlist,¬†and “See Me Fall,”¬†which earned over 5.6 million plays on Spotify, 169,000 Shazams, and inspired a viral¬†remix¬†by producer Y2K, which has generated more than 7.4 million YouTube views. An accomplished effort from a rising artist,¬†Momentum¬†is available to stream on all platforms.

Born and raised in Manhattan, which he affectionately calls Wonderland, Ro Ransom is the heir to a rich musical tradition. His father, a well-respected drummer, collaborated with¬†Whitney Houston¬†and other musical legends. Inspired by artists such as Justin Timberlake and Aaliyah, Ro’s distinctive style earned him¬†a devoted online fanbase, earning him millions of plays on SoundCloud. Last Autumn, Ro released “See Me Fall,” which gained viral traction and gave Ro exposure to a whole new set of fans through Y2K’s viral EDM remix. In January,¬†Pigeons & Planes¬†listed Ro as one of the¬†10 Rising Artists Set to Take Over 2017, saying “Ro Ransom is ready for his big break.” With¬†Momentum, Ro Ransom is sure to win new fans and please the old, launching himself into another level of recognition. Catch Ro Ransom¬†live¬†in concert, currently on tour with Witt Lowery.

Listen to Momentum: https://soundcloud.com/roransom/sets/momentum-mixtape || https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/momentum-mixtape/id1298494134 || https://open.spotify.com/album/7rZgzs16IBqkA33Ej8ZYFO

Please contact Michelle or Dharmic if interested in talking with Ro Ransom.

Ro Ransom Background: 

Ro Ransom is a 23-year-old hip-hop artist hailing from Manhattan, New York, a place he calls Wonderland. Born to two parents with musical backgrounds (his father being a drummer for the late Whitney Houston and others), entertainment was always in his blood. He’s cited people such as Sasha Grey and Jeff Hardy as influences for what leads his style in such a dark, sensual direction. Ro grew up surrounded by thieves and killers, models and artist s, drug dealers, drug users and everything in bet ween: which created the dichotomy that exists in his music. A rapper whose comparisons often lay closer to a deviant lovechild of Justin Timberlake & Aaliyah, he weaves in and out of razor sharp, rattlesnake tooth raps, with mesmerizing melodies that even the toughest guys in the room can never resist . Ultimately, Ro uses his own enigma and eccentricities to help inspire those who have trouble grappling with their own identity and place in the world. Ro is also a writer for others and has worked with Khalid, Witt Lowry, and more.

twitter | instagram | soundcloud

Momentum: https://soundcloud.com/roransom/sets/momentum-mixtape || https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/momentum-mixtape/id1298494134 || https://open.spotify.com/album/7rZgzs16IBqkA33Ej8ZYFO

“Stop The World”:¬†https://soundcloud.com/viewtifulschulz/stop-the-world-ro-ransom-prod-leven-kali/

“Prettiest” ft. Jazz Cartier:¬†https://soundcloud.com/roransom/prettiest-ft-jazz-cartier/

“Doppelg√§nger”: https://soundcloud.com/roransom/doppelganger/

“Invented Swag”:¬†https://soundcloud.com/roransom/inventedswag

“See Me Fall”:¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jcXOyBJIns¬†//¬†https://soundcloud.com/roransom/see-me-fall

Bio, pics, and more here: http://www.audibletreats.com/ro-ransom/