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While Nissim may be an unfamiliar name, many have already heard the Seattle-based hip hop artist formerly known as D. Black. However, a spiritual crisis led to a hiatus from music and later an arrival at Orthodox Judaism. Now, after a creative rebirth, Nissim is releasing his latest musical compilation, a mixtape called Miracle Music, as a precursor for his debut album out in June. Nissim returns to the rap game with a new mission in mind- to use the microphone to send out positive vibrations.

The mixtape name is a play on Nissim’s name which means “miracle” in hebrew, but it’s also symbolic of his intentions. He explains that “It’s a miracle to have pleasant rap music without the “F” bombs and “B” words every other second, or a bunch of other non-sense.” Getting in touch with his new creative flow is very much what this mixtape is about for Nissim who, after so long away from music needed to “knock off some dust”. “Working with a new perspective on life can be difficult,” Nissim says, but he’s coming at it with clarity of purpose. He continues- “I wanted to first and foremost speak a message of light over this music that may had been used for a different message.” It’s no surprise then that Nissim cites tracks “Bad Decisions” and “Redemption” as his favorites from the mixtape, both of which are laden with the “strong spiritual nature in the music itself.” This is ultimately what makes Nissim such a standout artist, along with a widening of his audience. “With my recent work, I have a desire to reach the whole world,” Nissim says, and as explanation for this ambitious impulse, he eloquently opines, “Because we all share in sorrows and pain together, when tragedy or terror strikes, we all fill it. Just as moments of Joy can spread faster than the flu. So I’ve challenged myself to exclude no one.”