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“Has a unique sound that mixes hardcore street raps with dance-floor ready beats”. – Complex
“her pen game is sharp enough to hang with the big dogs.” – Vibe

The music of Lil Kim, Mos Def, The Notorious B.I.G, Big Daddy Kane, and Jay-Z has resonated throughout the airwaves for decades. These artists have been influential to people around the world and are considered to be “Gods” of Hip Hop. Though they have impacted the nation with their lyrical content and extraordinary delivery, no one place has been more impacted than that of Brooklyn, Bed-Stuy to be exact. The music of these “Gods” has given birth to many artist in the industry that have come and gone. Their most recent creation brings a different quality and uniqueness to Hip Hop that has not been touched in mainstream Hip Hop before. Siya, The Bed-Stuy Bully, is definitely a product of her environment when it comes to music.

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Born in California, Siya was relocated to New York at the age of seven while her mother fought a drug addiction. Soon after moving to Bed-Stuy, her father was convicted of a crime that sentenced him to a lifetime incarceration. Siya’s major influence in life was her grandmother. She provided the mother that she was lacking and nurtured her like her own, but the streets of Bed-Stuy played their own role in her life. Siya was convicted of a crime at a young age where she would serve sometime in a women’s facility. During that time she was able to take the negative and turn it into a positive as she began to perfect her music in ways many would take notice to. After her time was served, Siya immediately took to Atlanta to begin pursuing music as her lifetime career. Performing in venues such as Compound, CW Loft, and Masquerade, her buzz began to catch the attention of many major labels and also well-known artists. Meeting after meeting labels would feed Siya the dream of signing her to a major deal. As time went on, all those talks were just that. Most people were afraid of how an openly gay female rapper would fit in the industry compared to the women out at that time. As discouraging as this could have been, Siya remained determined and continued to kill shows and made sure when she opened for a big name that they took notice.

In the midst of her grind, someone did take notice. R&B legend Tank reached out to Siya and let her know he wanted to represent her and help take her to the next level. Soon after their talks Siya moved to Los Angeles and began her journey with Tank. Tank, a unique talent his own, did not want Siya to change a thing. He believed in who she is and wanted her to continue to be “The Bed-Stuy Bully.” Their debut project together D.Y.K.E featuring their collaboration track “D.Y.K.E” has gained over 50 thousand downloads. The relationship has shown to be beneficial to both and is gaining speed on a daily. In 2014, Siya became the breakout star of Sisterhood of Hip Hop, an American reality television series on Oxygen starring five female rappers who “navigate their way through the male-dominated music industry.” The show is executive produced by rapper T.I. and Cris Abrego. Most recently, Siya was cast by Flavor Unit Entertainment, founded by Queen Latifah and Shakim Compere, for a role in their upcoming movie”Deuces” starting Larenz Tate , Meagan Good, and Lance Gross. Word around the industry is that Siya is the “Next Big Thing,” but if you were to ask her she’s always been the “NEXT BIG THING.”

Press Releases

Anything You Can Do, Brooklyn’s Siya Can Do “Better,” New Video Premiered by HipHopDX
Sisterhood of Hip-Hop Star Siya Drops 383 – For Roosevelt, Her Introspective and Hard-Nosed New Project Premiered by Genius
Brooklyn Rapper and Oxygen Reality Star Siya Goes Bilingual on “Culture Vulture,” Premiered by Mass Appeal
Sisterhood of Hip-Hop Star Siya Brings Brooklyn to H-Town with Kirko Bangz on “Houston Girls,” Premiered by HipHopDX
Sisterhood of Hip-Hop Star Siya Brings Brooklyn to H-Town with Kirko Bangz on “Houston Girls”
Brooklyn Rapper and Sisterhood of Hip-Hop Star Siya Returns To Her Roots with 383 – For Roosevelt, Premiered by Elevator Magazine
Sisterhood of Hip-Hop Star Siya Releases Radiant Double-Header Video for “Clarity” & “Nights B4 You”
Sisterhood of Hip-Hop Star Siya Drops Valentines Day-Themed Commitment EP
Brooklyn’s Own Siya Teams With Label Boss and RnB Icon Tank for “Don’t U (Say Yes)”
Sisterhood of Hip-Hop Star Siya to Drop A Valentine’s Day Gift With Her Commitment EP
Oxygen Reality Star Siya Shouts Down Her Haters with Sage The Gemini in a Neon Lit Video
Sisterhood of Hip-Hop’s Siya Drops Her Versatile Debut Album, Takes Over the NY Streets in New Video
Sisterhood of Hip-Hop Star Siya Reminisces About the “Nights B4 You”
Sisterhood of Hip-Hop Star Siya Shows A Different Side Of Herself on “I Know I Know”
Bed-Stuy Bruiser/Sisterhood of Hip-Hop Star Siya Drops New Video, Announces Release Date for Debut Album

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