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Rexx Life Raj

“Rexx Life Raj is a rapper from the Bay Area with an elastic flow and a keen ear for production”Noisey

“Rexx Life Raj is a quick witted, sick flow rapper on the rise” – SF Weekly

Bay Area hip-hop’s best kept secret” – Free Bread

“Rexx Life Raj is at his best yet on ‘Young Wardell‘” – HotNewHipHop

“[One] of the Bay Area’s Best New and Emerging Rap Artists”KQED

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From the land of the Hyphy where slaps are king and going dumb is encouraged, Berkeley, California’s Rexx Life Raj stands out by making music for the brain and the heart that’s still pleasant to the ears. Raised by a God-fearing mother and Black Panther father in the mecca of progressive politics, Raj’s music perfectly articulates the beauty and struggle of being a young black adult in 2016.

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He transitions from hilarious anecdotes and clever bullshit to heartfelt gems about relationships, the loss of his best friend, and self-reflection, often making him both teacher and class clown on the same record. With his uncanny ability to shift seamlessly from rapping his ass off to singing his heart out, Rexx Life Raj has become one of Bay Area music’s most unique voices.

Raj found his passion for music by way of his church upbringing and the encouragement of his mother. While his mother nurtured his creativity, Raj’s father showed him the beauty and challenges of being a black male growing up in America, as well as the value of hard work.

He further solidified his relentless work ethic as a football player for the Division 1 football powerhouse, Boise State University, making him the first in his family to attend college. Although his talents on the field earned him a full scholarship, Raj admits that football was never his real passion; music was.

After graduating with a degree in Communication, Raj retuned to Berkeley to concentrate on his music career, releasing projects that have been featured prominently on the front pages iTunes, TIDAL, Google Play, and in popular Spotify playlists. In the process, he has garnered accolades from press outlets such as The FADER, Noisey, HotNewHipHop, GoodMusicAllDay, and more.

His upcoming album, Father Figure, is a nod to Raj being a natural-born leader or “Dad,” sharing the game and knowledge he’s accumulated as a son of racially conscious parents, as a musician, as a D1 football player, as a businessman, and as a life-long lover of learning.

An example of Raj’s ability to bounce from hilarious to heartfelt comes when juxtaposing the content of the album’s records “Handheld GPS” andHelium.” On “Handheld GPS” Raj raps “Handheld GPS, still… everybody’s lost/We’re… in the land of the free, where.. everything cost” As well as “Sitting back counting blessins/ Don’t accept “no” for answers, ask questions/ fuck a suggestion, use intuition/ When you’re heart speaks to you, you should listen” In contrast to the socially conscious/ self reflective tone of this record, on the more light hearted “Helium” Raj raps to a potential romantic partner “We can front like I slid thru to watch a movie and just chat/ And I did, if that movie is YA BOOTY from the back/ Look, I screen shotted everything you sent to me on snap

Ranging from hilarious to profound, the 13-track project is slated for a June 17th release (fathers day weekend) and boasts contributions from artists such as Nef The Pharaoh, Mikos Da Gawd, Julia Lewis, ymtk, and more.


Press Releases

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