Florida Rapper Pouya Prepares for Blood Was Never Thick As Water, His Next Album, Out October 22nd

Pouya Reaps a Martyr’s Reward in the Haunting New Video for “The First Step Of Becoming God Is A Bottle To The Face

The Respected South Florida Rapper Prepares a Wide-Ranging, Deeply Musical Effort That Mixes Aggression With Introspection

Critical Praise:

‚ÄúHe‚Äôs one of the most creative minds in music right now. His songs are always versatile and complex considering he fills them with a plethora of true stories and experiences, and his music videos never disappoint even slightly.‚ÄĚLyrical Lemonade

“One of the most prominent voices from Florida’s underground rap scene”HotNewHipHop

The Announcement:

Astaple of Florida’s rap scene for nearly a decade,¬†Pouya¬†captivates fans with his lockstep flows and endless experimentation. Looking inward for his next release, the Miami native prepares for¬†Blood Was Never Thick As Water, a new album, now available for pre-save/pre-order. Sourced from the lyrics of recent single¬†“The First Step Of Becoming God Is A Bottle To The Face,”¬†The album’s title subverts a popular aphorism, as the half-Cuban/half-Iranian rapper celebrates a chosen family of artists and friends who accepted his idiosyncrasies and outr√© creativity in a way that his birth family never could.

Expanding his sonic palette to add elements of jazz, dream pop, and even Bay Area-style mob music on tape highlight¬†“One Deep In Fleetwood,” the new album finds Pouya searching for new canvases on which to paint with his rapidfire flows. Equally suited for longtime fans and newcomers alike,¬†Blood Was Never Thick As Water¬†complements the cerebral moments with bangers like¬†“Out The Mud,” primed to set any festival moshpit aflame. Featuring an appearance from¬†Denzel Curry, along with previously released songs like the recently released¬†“Leave Me Alone”¬†and the¬†Lu Baby¬†collaboration¬†“Walk In,”¬†Blood Was Never Thick As Water¬†arrives on¬†October 22nd, independently released, as always, by Pouya himself.

Along with the official announcement of the album, Pouya shares the thought-provoking video for¬†The First Step Of Becoming God Is A Bottle To The Face.” The song is dark night of the soul epic marked by somber pianos, propulsive snare rim clicks, and mournful horns courtesy of producer¬†Rocci.¬†“First Step” finds the rapper baring his soul, divulging the hidden traumas‚Äďincluding family betrayals, friends succumbing to addiction and death, and more‚Äďhe once felt he had to hide to “emphasize his toughness.” The evocative video finds Pouya pursuing a literal interpretation of the song’s title, as a cragged-looking rapper reenacts the last days of Jesus Christ. Transporting the action from Jerusalem to rural Florida, “First Step” portrays Pouya as he eats a “last supper” (the director¬†Julian Yuri Rodriguez‘s¬†camera recalling Da Vinci’s famous painting) with his disciples before being crucified by an angry mob.

An iconoclastic figure who’s collaborated with everyone from¬†$uicideboy$¬†to¬†Juicy J, Pouya grew a massive fanbase with SoundCloud singles, independent albums, and visceral live performances. The prolific artist released three studio albums‚ÄďUnderground Underdog,¬†FIVE FIVE¬†and¬†The South‚Äôs Got Something to Say‚Äďalong with multiple mixtapes with fellow¬†Buffet Boys¬†rappers like¬†Fat Nick¬†and¬†Boobie Lootaveli. Earlier this year, Pouya made a triumphant return to¬†Rolling Loud, a festival at which he’s been a fixture since the very first event in 2015, firing up crowds with his vast catalog of anthems. Stay tuned for much more from Pouya, including more music, videos, and high profile collaborations, as the year comes to a close.

Pre-order/pre-save Blood Was Never Thick As Water: https://Pouya.lnk.to/bloodwasneverthickaswater

Watch “The First Step Of Becoming God Is A Bottle To The Face”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9jKsx_eLnw

Blood Was Never As Thick As Water tracklist: 

  1. Dying Slowly
  2. Wig Split ft. Denzel Curry
  3. Why Do We Get High?
  4. I’ll Always Be Around
  5. Out The Mud
  6. One Deep In The Fleetwood
  7. Walk In ft. Lu Baby
  8. Forever Waiting For You At My Window
  9. Leave Me Alone
  10. Stuck in Admiration
  11. First Step of Becoming God Is a Bottle to the Face

Please contact Michelle or Kevin if interested in talking with Pouya.

The Background:

To be fully independent as an artist in this day and age is to know your musical & creative worth; trusting the process and fully believing in your project. For Miami native Kevin Pouya, better known as Pouya, there’s been no hesitation as he’s climbed through the ranks from his humble Soundcloud beginnings to upwards of 3.5 million monthly Spotify listeners, a number that’s consistently growing.

With a devout fanbase and the constant itch to not only make great music, but the love of helping his community and giving back, Pouya is becoming a household name. Ever-expanding through genre defying beats, he’s leaving no stone left unturned as he creates music to be angry to, to get hyped to, to be sad to and every emotion in between Рvocally exuding his story & becoming more and more relatable Рbuilding and unbreakable bond between him & his fans.

With the success of his previous albums, Underground Underdog, FIVE FIVE and The South’s Got Something to Say, alongside multiple mixtapes with underground veterans Fat Nick & Boobie Lootaveli, multiple international tours under his belt, and working with stars such as Juicy J, The Ying Yang Twins, J.I.D & more Рthis is truly just the beginning for the young rapper. Be on the lookout for yet another massive album with some big features from the Buffet Boys rapper РPouya is a name you’ll be remembering.

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Pre-order Blood Was Never Thick As Water: https://Pouya.lnk.to/bloodwasneverthickaswater

“The First Step Of Becoming God Is A Bottle To The Face”:¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9jKsx_eLnw

“Leave Me Alone”:¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q98BgvD10TM

“Walk In”:¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95ptUnY0q5E