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The FADER Premieres Highly Anticipated New Indigo Summer Mixtape From Rising Future Soul Star



Critical Praise for Nylo:

“We just might have discovered the next major R&B star.”  – NYLON Magazine

“Every few years an artist comes along that stops you dead in your tracks. Disrupts you from what you’re doing. I had that moment about a year ago when clicking play on Nylo’s Soundcloud page.” – Fake Shore Drive

“This track feels like you’re spinning in a field with gold dust being poured over your head.” – Singers Room

“It was obvious that this Chicago girl with the pipes of an angel is on the cusp of a hellish ride to stardom.”Pigeons And Planes

“It’s not surprising Nylo has attracted such a talented cast of individuals around her because her voice really does shine.” – HypeTrak

“While Nylo may be very much part of a trend rather than dictating it, she still is delivering more realized music than many of her blog-friendly peers due to both her airy voice and an instinct for hooks.” – Pitchfork

“Devoid of sentimentality or melodramatic emotion, her writing is like that of a brutally honest singer-songwriter’s, transferred onto bleeding edge R&B and replete with kitchen-sink, Soundcloud-influenced production.” – SPIN

The Mixtape:

Yesterday The FADER premiered what’s sure to be one of the year’s most talked about mixtapes, Indigo Summer, from future soul singer/songwriter Nylo. Having already created buzz in 2012 with her Memories Speak mixtape, Nylo’s star has been consistently on the rise. The 7-track tape features production by Nylo herself, as well as Grammy award-winning producer Tricky Stewart, Soundz, Fisticuffs, Cash, Boogie and 55 Billion. Lush, ethereal production coupled with Nylo’s fluttering falsetto, sumptuous harmonies and her talent for lyrical storytelling that intrigues and titillates throughout makes the collection of songs inviting, cohesive and leaves the listener wanting to hear and know more.

“I have gone through so many musical phases, but if I had to go back to the basics, I would say [my main inspiration was] church,” Nylo reveals, perhaps unexpectedly, considering her latest effort contains odes to secret love affairs, commentary on drug addiction, and even a cover of the sexually charged Robin Thicke track “Blurred Lines.” But it’s exactly this confluence of seemingly dichotomous themes that giver her work a much deeper meaning beneath the surface. The opening track “Nobody Has To Know,” for example, while referencing an undercover sexual relationship, is “more a conversation with myself because I spent a lot of time in the church, in a context where physicality was reserved for husbands and wives, [so] I was torn once I got to the point of having a physical relationship with someone,” says Nylo, “This song was written from a place of talking myself through the guilt of being able to lay next to someone and accept that it’s ok if it didn’t work out.” Much of Indigo Summer is laden with lyrics that captivate and entertain through Nylo’s pillowy, graceful and ethereal vocals, but hint at something much more profound. On “Take It Back,” simple phrases like “I was too good for him / That’s what I tell myself” and “I’ll be better off without him” are delivered with such simultaneous reserve and urgency that they leap from and pierce through the sonic landscape of the track. “Some love looks like a slow never ending burn, and some love catches fire and the whole house goes down in flames” says Nylo, “We burned up and we burned out, and it was too late to take it slow.”

With such an authentic emotional stake and investment in her material, Nylo is fiercely and undeniably in control of her own career. “Some producers aren’t used to artists like me,” she says. “I’m pretty hands on. I take people’s ideas and I morph and change them.” Her haunting cover of “Blurred Lines,” produced entirely on her own, displays exactly how capable of an artist she is at imbuing work with her own unique style. “I couldn’t help but listen to the lyrics and hear a completely different message,” she explains, “I remember thinking every time Robin would sing the words ‘good girl’ it would make my skin kind of stand up in a weird way because, what does that even mean anymore? [It] has this flippant outlook on sex, but chances are, if she was really a ‘good girl,’ she would be listening to my version of the song in the morning feeling confused.” With co-signs from both Mac Miller and Nas, an exponentially growing fanbase discovering her unique talents, and a widening roster of impressive live shows including Mass Appeal’s SXSW Social, The Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago and an upcoming gig on July 21 at Amplyfi in Los Angeles, Nylo has proven that controlling her own destiny is exactly why success is already within her grasp. “I’ve had people try to push and shove me in certain directions, or corner me into different things, but their attempts were so unsuccessful that [they’ve all] since accepted defeat and joined the team. I am who I am, and the people who are with me now love that.”

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Indigo Summer mixtape tracklist:


01. Nobody Has To Know Ft. Gilbere Forte
Produced By: Tricky Stewart

02. Fool Me Once
Produced By: Soundz

03. Breakfast At Tiffany’s
Produced By: Boogie, Cash, Nylo
Guitar By: BlackBear

04. Cocaine Hearts
Produced By: Fisticuffs, Nylo

05. Take it Back
Produced By: 55 Billion, Nylo

06. Blurred Lines
Produced by: Nylo

07. Rent Free
Produced By: 55 Billion

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Nylo Background:

Nylo is a singer/songwriter with a sound that can be best described as “Hybrid R&B,” including elements of rhythm and blues, hip-hop, EDM and classic soul. Born and raised in Chicago, she started writing snippets in her notebooks and setting them to the music she created on the piano in the neighborhood church. As her musical journey brought her out to Los Angeles, Nylo caught the eyes and ears of a few key bloggers in 2012 when she released her five song EP Memories Speak. She has garnered comparisons to Aaliyah and Lauryn Hill, and was called music’s best-kept secret. Nylo, however, won’t be a secret much longer, as she counts stars such as Nas and Mac Miller as fans and supporters. Nas even called Nylo his “favorite new artist.” She currently lives in California where she is putting the final touches on her next projects: Indigo Summer is available for download now and Indigo Rose will drop in the fall.

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Indigo Summer

“Breakfast At Tiffany’s”:

“Take It Back”:

“Fool Me Once”:

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