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“Over the past five years, Mach has made some of the strangest, most incisive, most tantalizingly intertextual rap music in the world…He has a pliable voice that effectively communicates contempt (often) or longing (selectively); his writing seems like collage until it doesn’t, breaking from interpolated lyrics and allusion into richly rendered scenes from his own memory.”GQ

“…every bar is rap chemistry”Rolling Stone

“The charms of Hommy’s music are on full display as he moves slickly, with casually clever wordplay, through well-curated soul samples.”The New Yorker

“…tightly constructed yet freely floating through hip-hop’s past and present like ghosts in Gore-Tex jackets.”Pitchfork

“Mach is worldly the way you imagine a spy would be, or at least upper management in a global oil conglomerate: He knows how to order coffee in Damascus and a hit in Paris, knows which local toughs to muscle out and which to charm into his service.”Pitchfork”

“Hip-hop heads love to talk about that feeling. It’s a nebulous concept, at times an old-head argument to dismiss new folks, and in other instances a passionate plea to try and articulate what can be so powerful and transformative about hip-hop. That feeling, while oftentimes trite, is the best way to convey to a latecomer what makes Mach-Hommy the most exciting MC today.” – Billboard

“His work is often crammed with diasporic twoness, but crammed with other doublenesses, too.”NPR

“Mach-Hommy is special. He can rap absurdly well, and he could have a career on that alone, but he doesn’t seem to want it. Instead, he seems to want to exist in a lane that did not exist before him. He’s pulling it off.” – Stereogum

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Press Releases

Mach-Hommy Explores Diasporic Duality on New Album #RICHAXXHAITIAN
Mach-Hommy Announces 5/17 Album, Recruits Kaytranada & 03 Greedo for “#RICHAXXHAITIAN”
Mach-Hommy Czn Approaches… #RICHAXXHAITIAN

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