Single: King Von – “Crazy Story 2.0” ft. Lil Durk

With Over 27 Million Views on Its Original Video, “Crazy Story 2.0” Finds the OTF Brothers Standing Up For O Block With a Tense and Gripping Narrative


The Song:

Reporting live from the trenches of Chicago’s violent South Side, King Von is one of rap’s most vital new voices. Recently freed from a litany of legal issues, King Von broke out in a big way earlier this year with Crazy Story,” a gripping narrative that earned over 27 million views on YouTube, as well as 14.7 million combined streams on Apple and Spotify. Today, Von revisits his narrative with “Crazy Story 2.0,” which adds a verse from Von’s close friend and Only The Family (OTF) label boss Lil Durk. Switching up usual auto-tuned style and adopting Von’s rhythmic and aggressive patter, Durk adds a fiery new verse, commenting on the state of gang violence in Chicago and telling a crazy story of his own. Premiered by The 405, “Crazy Story 2.0” follows up  Cousins,” described by The FADER as “a bloodthirsty revenge tale that slaps,” which has over 1.3 million views on its official video.

Says King Von: “Since I dropped ‘Crazy Story,’ I’ve been feeling a different type of respect I get from artists that’ve been in the game longer than me. After that song came out…it’s like ‘oh, he can rap rap,’ so now I’m getting features from established artists that Durk would usually get.”

King Von was born in the South Side of Chicago, growing up in O Block, the area that produced Chief Keef. Blinded by the poverty and violence of his neighborhood, Von turned to a life of crime at an early age, stealing bikes in middle school, and running with gangs in high school. At age 16, Von went to jail for the first time, commencing a near-decade where Von did not spend more than a full year out of prison. After rightfully beating an erroneous murder charge that could have put him away for life, King Von took inspiration from heroes like Lil Wayne and turned to rapping, linking up with Lil Durk who signed him to his OTF label. Within six months, Von had a series of viral hits, including the sinister Problems,” which has over 2.6 million views after its debut on Lil Durk’s YouTube channel, and the defiant “War Wit Us,” which has over 2.8 million YouTube views.

With a young and hungry roster of Chicago-born emcees, Lil Durk’s OTF label signees have made their intentions clear–they’re coming to take over the game.  Returning to the scene with his Dirty-Glove Bastard-premiered single “War Scars,” melodic mastermind Booka600 prepares to release his mixtape Word To LA this spring. King Von, Booka600, and the rest of the roster, including Doodie Lo, OTF Ikey,and Memo600 will join their mentor and CEO onstage throughout Durk’s “Signed To The Streets III Tour,” performing the best tracks from their soon-to-be released projects. The OTF crew showcased their talents in two label mixtapes released last year, Lil Durk Presents: Only The Family Involved Vol. 1, released last summer, and its sequel, released just before the New Year.

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