Videos: Key Glock – “All I Know Is Trap” + “Cocky”

The FADER Premieres “All I Know Is Trap” as the Young Dolph-Signee Shares Two Videos For Highlights From His Glock Bond Mixtape, Arriving This Friday


The Video:

Sensing a kindred spirit with a brash personality and confident delivery, King of Memphis Young Dolphanoints Key Glock as the next Bluff City rapper to blow. Bringing out the block on a frigid winter’s day, Key Glock pledges his allegiance to the streets on All I Know His Trap,” his latest video single. Counting stacks, smoking Backwoods, and strumming his namesake weapon like a guitar on a South Memphis porch, Glock shows off his considerable charisma in the new clip. Premiered by The FADER, “All I Know Is Trap” is the latest release from Glock Bondthe rapper’s upcoming mixtape. Featuring production from Tay Keith, Sosa 808, Teddy Walton, Ramy On The Beat, and DJ SqueekyGlock Bond is a worthy follow-up to 2017’s Glock Season, which has over 6 million combined streams on Spotify. Released by Young Dolph’s Paper Route Empire and distributed by EMPIREGlock Bond releases on February 2nd.

Strutting his stuff over a spacious Bandplay production, Glock sharpens his pencil and turns out his flashiest boasts yet on Cocky,” released earlier this week. Rocking a metronomic flow, Glock shows off his considerable charisma, finding creative ways to describe his shine: “Chillin’ with some thotties/But these bitches look like Barbies/I just do a slumber party/All these hoes just get me noggin’.” The video, shared today via WorldStarHipHop, finds Glock chilling in his crib with some of Memphis’ finest ladies, flashing his Paper Route Empire chain.

Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, the 20-year-old broke through to local radio with confessional hit “On My Soul,” which has over 1 million YouTube views and 874,000 plays on Spotify while catching the attention of Young Dolph, who signed Glock to Paper Route Empire. Last year, hot on the heels of his surprise success, Key Glock dropped Glock Season, which was praised by Noisey as one of the Best Overlooked Albums of 2017Karen Civil also recognized the rapper’s undeniable talent, saying, “[Key Glock] will inevitably be on your radar in the months to come… he has a way with words that stick and resonate with his steadily growing fanbase.” Last week, Key Glock shared Russian Cream,” the lead single from Glock Bond that name-checks his favorite flavor of Backwoods cigar, and yesterday, Glock strutted his stuff with Cocky,” which featured a WorldStarHipHop-premiered video.
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The Background

A recognized figure in Memphis, Key Glock grew up idolizing the music of Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne. Glock created the unofficial crew Whole Lotta Errthang with his two best friends in high school, capturing the spirit of a popular Memphis saying. “Everybody knew we had a whole bunch of things going on,” remarked Glock. “we rolled with that, but we were living too fast.” Tragically, one of the members of his crew was gunned down at the age of 16. “Me and Ken [the other surviving member] ain’t even 21 yet, but we’ve seen and done so much. But you know: God does everything for a reason.” As Glock turned to music and began to develop his craft, his cousin-by-marriage Young Dolph began to take off. After facing an aggravated robbery charge and 90-day sentence in 2015, Key Glock was approached by Dolph and his business manager Daddyo to join Paper Route Empire. With PRE’s support behind him, Glock’s first single “On My Soul” has garnered 320,000 plays on WorldStarHipHop’s Youtube channel, and 235,000 plays on Soundcloud. With the release of Glock Season, Key Glock continues to smash through the southern rap scene. Stay tuned for more heat from Key Glock.

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