Video: Key Glock – “Crazy”

The Paper Route EMPIRE Signee Shares the Latest Visual Off His Successful Late 2018 Glockoma Album


Critical Praise:

“Dolph’s most prominent PRE signee [Key Glock] shows why he’s next up out of Memphis with tons of fun punchlines, cutting insults and a versatile delivery style that is in its own way as forceful as his label boss”Noisey

“Key Glock is Memphis’s best new lyricist.”The FADER

“Key Glock raps with an authoritative wisdom well beyond his age”The FADER

“[Key Glock] will inevitably be on your radar in the months to come… he has a way with words that stick and resonate with his steadily growing fanbase.”Karen Civil 

“… unparalleled lyrical style and fierce approach” ELEVATOR 

The Video:

Known for his outrageous boasts and unshakeable flow, Key Glock is one of the South’s hottest rising rappers. Rattling off the particulars of his insane lifestyle, Key Glock shares Crazy,” his latest video. Viciously attacking a bouncing trap production courtesy of The Honorable C-N.O.T.E., Glock runs down his day-to-day, packing outrageous details into declarative bars: “I start up my day with a kush blunt to the face/Hop up in the AMG do you wanna race?/Ridin’ paper plates but I got expensive taste, yeah/I’m a walkin’ bank, bitch, I get it every day.” In the video, Glock finds himself in a straitjacket, but that doesn’t stop his shine–even in an asylum he finds two women to party with. “Crazy” is the latest video from GlockomaGlock’s latest album, following the sizzling  Bottom Of The Pot and the ferocious “Since 6ix,” which has 8.6 million views on YouTube.

Running roughshod over trunk-rattling instrumentals from Tay KeithBandplay, Buddah Bless, The Honorable C-Note, and others, Glock ratchets up his energy level on Glockoma (Paper Route EMPIRE), enthusiastically shouting blunt force punchlines about his extravagant wealth and street bonafides. Ranging from the laid-back cocktail lounge-inflections of “Gang Shit No Lame Shit,” to the minimalist, droning bass of “Walking Ticket,” to the triumphant, Tay Keith produced “YEA!!” (6 million Spotify plays), Glockoma refines and expands Glock’s sonic palette, providing a canvas for Glock to paint on with quotable stunts like “My bankroll enormous, just like Norbit,” or “I need a house so big the den got a den,” (both lyrics from mixtape highlight “Talk My Shit”). The follow-up to February’s swaggering Glock BondGlockoma provides the groundwork for him to become a household name.

With Glockoma and Glock Bond, Key Glock proved his mettle as one of rap’s most consistent rising stars in 2018. Emerging out from the shadow of his mentor Young Dolph, Glock is a street stalwart, generating millions of streams without the benefit of radio play. Featuring the Tay Keith-produced hit “Russian Cream,” which has over 40 million streams on all platforms, Glock burst out of the gate early in the year with Glock Bondearning more than 48 million streams on Spotify alone. On Black Friday, Key Glock dropped Glockoma, a 14-track effort with no features, propelling his monthly listener count to 1.9 million. “Key Glock knows that he could use big features and producers to get noticed,” said Passion Of The Weiss when they named “Cocky” as the 30th best rap song of 2018. “Instead, he chose to claw his way to the top by showing off his own talent and creativity. You get the sense that he doesn’t want anyone to distract you from him.” Reigning as one of rap’s top regional stars, Key Glock is 2019’s next Southern superstar, rising out of Memphis to take over the world.

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The Background: 

A recognized figure in Memphis, Key Glock grew up idolizing the music of Gucci Mane and Lil Wayne. Glock created the unofficial crew Whole Lotta Errthang with his two best friends in high school, capturing the spirit of a popular Memphis saying. “Everybody knew we had a whole bunch of things going on,” remarked Glock. “we rolled with that, but we were living too fast.” Tragically, one of the members of his crew was gunned down at the age of 16. “Me and Ken [the other surviving member] ain’t even 21 yet, but we’ve seen and done so much. But you know: God does everything for a reason.” As Glock turned to music and began to develop his craft, his cousin-by-marriage Young Dolph began to take off. After facing an aggravated robbery charge and 90-day sentence in 2015, Key Glock was approached by Dolph and his business manager Daddyo to join Paper Route Empire. With PRE’s support behind him, Glock’s first single “On My Soul” has garnered 320,000 plays on WorldStarHipHop’s Youtube channel, and 235,000 plays on Soundcloud. With the release of Glockoma, Key Glock continues to smash through the southern rap scene. Stay tuned for more heat from Key Glock.


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