Kehlani, G-Eazy, E-40, P-Lo, DJ Amen, and Other Bay Area-Born Artists Launch Fundraiser for Fire Victims

All Sales From the “Support The Soil” T-Shirt Will Benefit the Redwood Credit Union’s North Bay Fire Relief Fund


The Merch:

In October, Northern California faced a historically devastating series of wildfires, raging for weeks and destroying everything in their paths. The fires destroyed more than 8,400 structures, left tens of thousands without homes, and claimed 42 lives. Beyond the terrible human cost, the fire caused over $1 billion in damages and worsened a housing crisis in a Bay Area. Joining together in response to the crisis, a star-studded collective of Bay Area artists started One Bay Area, announcing a specially designed Support the Soil t-shirt to benefit the victims of the wildfires.

“Coming together is most important when these terrible situations occur,” explains Oakland-born singer Kehlani. “And the Bay steps up to the plate every time. Help us help our cities.”

“I wasn’t in the Bay Area when all the fires were happening,” explains HBK architect P-Lo. “So as I found out what was happening, I called all my friends to figure out what we could do to help the victims of the fires. The Bay Area means so much to me, and  in this dire time of need, we are uniting to help the people who were affected by the fires and do whatever we can to help.”

Adds DJ Amen, “The 24hr news coverage has ended but the hardest holidays ever for the soil that raised us is about to begin. Most of my mother’s neighborhood (over 100 homes) has been reduced to piles of ash. It’s important as pillars of our culture that we use our platforms for our friends and family that have been affected and displaced.”

Having already raised $72k of the $100k goal, all proceeds from the sales of the t-shirt will benefit those affected by the wildfires, through the Redwood Credit Union’s North Bay Fire Relief Fund. The North Bay Fire Relief Fund will support the immediate needs of those directly impacted by the fires, providing financial support, food, and temporary housing for the victims. Anyone who has lost their home in the fires is eligible to apply for funding. For information on how to apply for funding, please click here.

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