Raspy-Voiced Bay Area Legend Keak Da Sneak Announces Withdrawl, Releasing November 3rd

Entirely Produced by Respected Oakland Duo The Mekanix, Withdrawl is Keak’s First Album Since Starting to Recover from Suffering 8 Gunshot Wounds


Critical Praise for Keak Da Sneak

“Keak Da Sneak has become, for many, the hip-hop voice of the Bay Area. It’s a gravel-toned, jagged-edged, smoked-too-much-growing-up-in-Oaktown growl that cuts through a track like a diamond slicing glass.”The Mercury News

The Announcement:

Described by the San Jose Mercury as the “Hip-Hop Voice of the Bay Area,” Keak Da Sneak is renowned for his rubbery flow and raspy drawl. Preparing for his first new album since 2013, Keak Da Sneak announces Withdrawl, a 17-track collection of post-mob bangers. Produced entirely by The Mekanix, renowned Oakland producers and longtime friends of Keak, Withdrawl is a soulful and revealing project, adding a personal element to Keak’s streetwise slick talk and party positive anthems. A progenitor of the Bay Area’s hyphy movement, Keak Da Sneak is one of the most respected artists on the West Coast. Featuring appearances from E-40, Mozzy, Rayven Justice, J. Stalin, and more, Withdrawl releases on November 3rd.

A veteran with nearly two decades of experience in the rap game, Keak Da Sneak is one of the most well-known and influential rappers in Northern California. In 2005, Keak Da Sneak helped kickstart a nationwide hyphy craze with “Super Hyphy,” which reached the Billboard Top 40 Rhythmic airplay chart and Complex ranked as the seventh best Bay Area rap song of all-time. Outside of the Bay, Keak is probably best known for his scene-stealing guest appearance on E-40’s national smash hit “Tell Me When To Go.” This past August, Keak Da Sneak was the victim of a shooting, suffering 8 gunshot wounds to the torso. Though he spent some time in critical condition in the hospital and endured three life-saving surgeries, Keak is in the process of making a full recovery. The recent shooting, his second in 2017, strengthened Keak’s resolve to put his personal demons behind him and resume making music.

“I haven’t dropped an album since 2013,” explains Keak Da Sneak. “The streets gotta be sick without Keak da Sneak. My music is my dope. People were saying, ‘Give us some of that dope. Lemme get some of that Keak, please!’ During this time, I was being reckless – I was in the streets, catching cases, going to jail. My father passed away and I couldn’t attend his funeral because I was in prison. I was being unfaithful to my wife, my grandmother passed. It caused me to go into a depression. I started being wild. I was acting like I wasn’t who I am. My brothers the Mekanix helped bring this me out of this. People in jail helped bring me out of this. While I was in jail, they were like ‘Keak, you’re tripping.’ They started reciting my songs. ‘Put some music out, dude. What are you doing in here with us.’ I got a lot of reality checks. So I said, ‘Let me get back to doing what I do. Let me stop doing this stuff, I’m tripping.’ Withdrawl is the result of that decision–to return to what made me happen and to work on repairing my relationship with my wife and my family.”

Today, Keak Da Sneak shares Him Not Them,” the lead single from Withdrawal featuring Sacramento heavy-hitter Mozzy. Boasting a sinister, whirring instrumental courtesy of The Mekanix, “Him Not Them” is a gleefully strange and menacing track. “The Hook says it all…’Not he… it’s me. Not them…. I’m him,” Keak explained to The FADER, who premiered the track. “I could have been born anybody, but I’m so glad the Mack god chose me to be Keak Da Sneak. This is me loving myself and being appreciative all the while feelin’ myself.” The single is available to purchase and is available gratis with pre-order of Withdrawl.

Listen to “Him Not Them” ft. Mozzy: https://soundcloud.com/themekanix/him-not-them-feat-mozzy

Pre-order Withdrawlhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/withdrawl/id1292964607

Check out the FADER premiere: http://www.thefader.com/2017/10/05/keak-da-sneak-him-not-them-mozzy-premiere

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The Background:

Keak da Sneak launched his career as one-third of 3X Krazy, a semi-successful mid- to late-’90s hardcore rap trio from Oakland, and soon after embarked on a solo career in 1999. He signed to Moe Doe Records, which released his first two albums, High Tech (1999) and Hi-Tek (2001), as well as a collaborative effort with former 3X Krazy colleague Agerman, Dual Committee (2000). Following this stint with Moe Doe, Keak moved on and continued to develop his career, beginning with the Retaliation album for the Sacramento-based hardcore rap label Black Market Records.

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“Him Not Them” ft. Mozzy: https://soundcloud.com/themekanix/him-not-them-feat-mozzy

Pre-order Withdrawlhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/withdrawl/id1292964607

“Thunderdome”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4PCV-bb7GY

“Super Hyphy”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4PCV-bb7GY

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