Mixtape: Jay Fizzle – Life of a Lul Gangsta

The Paper Route Empire Apprentice Recruits Young Dolph, Lil Lonnie, Cassius Jay, Bobby Kritical, and More for Debut Tape


The Mixtape:

Catching the attention of Memphis kingpin and Paper Route Empire top dog, Young Dolph, Jay Fizzle is threatening to turn the trap world on its head. Today, Jay Fizzle continues the quest for Southern domination with Life of a Lul Gangsta, a menacing, bouncy collection of bombastic street stories. Expertly stunting in his Memphis drawl over sulky productions from Cassius Jay, Bobby Kritical, and others, Jay Fizzle proves he goes harder on “90’s Baby,” chasing paper and “thuggin’ since the fourth grade” on “Life of a Lul Gangsta“, and flexes with Young Dolph on the gangster anthem “Menace To Society,” which Fizzle shared on Monday. Featuring appearances from Lil Lonnie, Peeway Longway, Paper Route Empire labelmate Bino Brown, Key Glock, Bigga Rankin, and Young Dolph, Life of a Lul Gangsta is Jay Fizzle’s gateway to an explosive 2017.

Explains Dolph, “Fizzle is hungry and a hard worker and he represents the youth in Memphis. He’s a reflection of how the new generation act, talk, and walk. Memphis is a trendsetting city. Everything from our slang, our personalities, the way we run the streets, our music, it always becomes popular in a few years. Listen to Fizzle’s mixtape to hear what’s really going on in the Memphis streets.”

Prominently featured, along with Bino Brown, on Young Dolph’s Bo$$es and $hooter$, especially on the dangerous single “Fuck A N*gga,” Jay Fizzle busted out in a big way in 2016. Firing off boastful trap bars like a Mac-10 with a scowling Southern flavor, Paper Route Empire’s Jay Fizzle is on the come up, and he is packing heat.

Listen to Life of a Lul Gangsta Here: http://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/38256/jay-fizzle-life-of-a-lul-gangsta.html

Buy Life of a Lul Gangsta on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/life-of-a-lul-gangsta/id1206180171?ls=1?at=1001l3Iq&app=itunes

Buy Life of a Lul Gangsta on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Jay_Fizzle_Life_of_a_Lul_Gangsta?id=B6ubo5hdlo7shjq2yd5mwe4ggoy

Watch “Menace To Society” ft. Young Dolph: https://youtu.be/9BGlo9Ft1kE

Life of a Lul Gangsta Tracklist:

1. “Granny Praying” ft. Bigga Rankin (Prod. DMac2Bangin)
2. “Outrageous” (Prod. DJ Squeeky)
3. “90’s Baby” (Prod. Red Drum)
4. “Mo Money” ft. Key Glock (Prod. by YL808)
5. “Life of a Lul Gangsta” (Prod. bu Cassius Jay)
6. “Same Ones” (Prod. by King Ceeo)
7. “Off the Head” ft. Bino Brown (Prod. by Young Swagg)
8. “What You Gone Do” (Prod. by Memphis Track Boi)
9. “Money On My Mind” ft. Lil Lonnie (Prod. by DMac2Bangin)
10. “Menace To Society” ft. Young Dolph (Prod. by DJ Squeeky)
11. “Big C’s” ft. Peewee Longway (Prod. by Bobby Kritical)
12. “My Gutta Bitch” (Prod. By Ducko)
13. “Sick N Tired” (Prod. by Mike Taylor)

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Life of a Lul Gangstahttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/life-of-a-lul-gangsta/id1206180171?ls=1?at=1001l3Iq&app=itunes

“Menace to Society” ft. Young Dolph: https://youtu.be/9BGlo9Ft1kE

“Fuck A N*gga”: https://youtu.be/qeb1GzucVXg