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NC Rising Star Jalen Santoy Wanders a Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape in “Off The Glass”

Video: Jalen Santoy – “Off The Glass”

The Charismatic Young Artist Gets in Touch With His Tribal Side on the Visual From Charlie Eastern



The Video:

A local sensation in North Carolina, Jalen Santoy‘s ear for melody, versatility, and incisive lyrical point-of-view won him a legion of new fans in 2016. Flanked by demonic hypemen, Jalen Santoy purposefully explores a post-apocalyptic hellscape in “Off The Glass.” Produced by Toronto’s Daniel Worthy, who has collaborated with Drake and Tory Lanez, “Off The Glass” is a shit-talking thumper, with droning horns and flanged bass underlining Santoy’s gruff boasts. Directed by A Plus Films (Schoolboy Q’s “Blank Face”) and “arthur gallery”, the clip is an evocative and artistic vision of a potential future, with Worthy’s groaning trumpet acting as a klaxon, warning of imminent danger. Premiered today by Pigeons & Planes, “Off The Glass” is a highlight from Charlie Eastern, Jalen’s latest EP, premiered by Mass Appeal, who praised the project, saying, “there is no single sound to label Charlie Eastern, other than personal.”

Jalen explains some of the imagery in the video: “The skeleton bones express that we’re stepping into new ground. Something that you haven’t seen before. The video isn’t storyboard driven it’s more about the aesthetic. We were intending to appeal to multiple perspectives.”

Boasting a flow as smooth as his singing voice, Jalen Santoy has a gift for making insightful, melodic Hip-Hop. In 2016, Jalen released the dramatic, relationship-focused “Foreplay,” a slow-building viral hit. Built around an infectious saxophone sample, cribbed from Bobby Hebb’s ’60s classic “Sunny,” and deepened by Jalen’s gift for storytelling, “Foreplay” racked up nearly 12 million plays on Spotify, earned a spot on Spotify’s Most Necessary playlist, and made Complex’s January 2017 Bout To Blow list of songs you will hear everywhere soon. Born in Charleston, South Carolina, Jalen started writing and rapping when he was 15-years-old, but did not release his first song until 2014, at the age of 21. It did not take long for “God” to gain some local traction, eventually catching the ear of North Carolina veteran and former Little Brother member Rapper Big Pooh who hopped on the remix. Following the success of “God,” Jalen appeared on Pooh’s Words Paint Pictures EP, lending a verse to Kings.” Buoyed by “Foreplay” and North Carolina’s recent rap renaissance, Jalen Santoy is primed for a big year in 2017.

Watch “Off The Glass”: https://youtu.be/m2buPm8eBc8

Check out the Pigeons & Planes premiere: http://pigeonsandplanes.com/music/2017/01/jalen-santoy-off-the-glass

Buy Charlie Easternhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/charlie-eastern/id1169637067?ls=1?at=1001l3Iq&app=itunes

Stream Charlie Easternhttps://soundcloud.com/jalensantoy/sets/charlie-eastern/s-pHtUN // https://open.spotify.com/album/4gPKZCPPAgk3j880b5fvuG

Please contact Michelle or Dharmic if interested in talking with Jalen Santoy.

Jalen Santoy Background

Jalen Santoy Gathers (born August 24, 1993), known as Jalen Santoy, is a rapper, singer, and songwriter from Charlotte, NC. Originally from Charleston, SC, the enriching culture is heavily present in his music. Recording music since the age of 15, Santoy released his first record in 2014 knowing the time was right. His first song to the public, “God,” caught the attention of many bloggers and rappers alike, eventually securing Rapper Big Pooh for the “God” remix,  released in December 2014. With Rapper Big Pooh’s presence, “God” gained significant attention and Santoy received widespread recognition. Following his success, Santoy collaborated again with Rapper Big Pooh on “Kings” from the Words Paint Pictures EP which led him to features in XXL, The Source, 2DopeBoyz, and Okayplayer as one of the top artists to watch. In March 2015, Santoy released his single “Foreplay”, which has earned 1.74 million plays on SoundCloud and has gained the support from Respect Mag, DJ Booth, Ashley Outrageous, ThisIs50, Boi-Ida and other various accounts. After the release of “Foreplay”, Santoy dropped his second single, “Off The Glass” in February 2016. The single was produced by Grammy nominated hip-hop producer Daniel Worthy, and the first from his work with the upcoming project, Charlie Eastern.

EMPIRE Background

EMPIRE was founded in 2010 as an artist-friendly, progressive digital distribution company. After early success, and identifying future icons such as Kendrick Lamar, Sage The Gemini, and Rich Homie Quan, EMPIRE was quickly regarded as a tastemaker in the industry and throughout the past five years evolved into a full-fledged record label, distributor and publisher for independent musicians. With the company and roster growing at a breakneck pace, EMPIRE has effectively disrupted a stale business model by bringing its energy, expertise, and acumen to its artists and labels. Given its reputation, EMPIRE works with today’s hottest talent from superstars such as T.I. and red-hot newcomers such as Anderson .Paak. While remaining 100% independent, EMPIRE has also partnered with Atlantic Records for a joint venture, home to breakout star D.R.A.M. and joined forces with Republic Records for the release of Sage The Gemini’s Remember Me album.


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“Off The Glass”: https://youtu.be/m2buPm8eBc8 // https://soundcloud.com/jalensantoy/off-the-glass-prod-daniel-worthy/s-ZvpGk

Charlie Easternhttps://itunes.apple.com/us/album/charlie-eastern/id1169637067?ls=1?at=1001l3Iq&app=itunes // https://soundcloud.com/jalensantoy/sets/charlie-eastern/s-pHtUN // https://open.spotify.com/album/4gPKZCPPAgk3j880b5fvuG

“Foreplay”: https://soundcloud.com/jalensantoy/foreplay // https://open.spotify.com/album/0uRgp488f4SX8NcJ5p1GqI

“No Peace”: https://soundcloud.com/jalensantoy/no-peace-produced-by-bink

“God” Remix ft. Rapper Big Pooh: https://soundcloud.com/jalensantoy/god-remix-feat-gliss-and-rapper-big-pooh-prod-by-the-nukez