Video: Ikey – “Olodo”

Premiered By Complex, Ikey Delivers the Bombastic 2nd Single from His Debut Album Green Card, Releasing in March



Critical Praise for Ikey:

“His delivery is cool and calm with a bite… Ikey takes this shit to the next level.” – Pigeons & Planes

The Video:

One of the best ways to judge a new artist is how well they communicate their story. Luckily Ikey, a rapper/singer born in Harlem, raised in Nigeria, and residing in Maryland, has the ability to make his rags-to-riches story seem simultaneously relatable, while still being his own. In the video for “Olodo” which premieres via Complex, Ikey sings about “going on this journey.” Shot in the Great Falls in Virginia amid the changing colors of the leaves, Complex states that “the stunning, cinematic video is a pretty inspirational feat for the up-and-coming artist.”

“Olodo,” a term that is relative to calling someone “dumb,” is the quintessential coming of age story. However, Ikey adds his own distinct flavor fusing his Nigerian accent during the song’s first half to detail his upbringing and how his parent labeled him “olodo” for pursuing a profession as a rapper. “It’s not something too many Africans would support,” Ikey explains. “If you aren’t a lawyer or a doctor, then you’re not taken seriously. So when I would tell family that I was making music, it didn’t matter that I was making the coldest records of all time!” Ikey’s pained vocals shows his knack for melody within the first minute of the song. It isn’t until after this that Ikey delivers his trademark bars, which are nimble and to the point. The rolling waters of the Great Falls clashing against the rocky terrain present a nice metaphor for the tumultuous relationships Ikey’s had with his peers, in order to make his dream a reality.

Whether he’s singing or rapping, Ikey always remains a commanding presence. Following the release of “Timbuktu,” which Pigeons & Planes called “cool and calm with a bite,” “Olodo” is an inspirational tale of following your own path, no matter how many doubters are in the way. Ikey’s debut project, Green Card, is slated for a release in March. “I actually came up with the title after I helped get my mom a Green Card a couple years ago,” he says. “To people living in the third world, A Green Card can mean an opportunity to live a better life and get away from poor living conditions. Everyone is in search of an opportunity to live better lives (In search of a “Green Card”). My project through my story is about the struggle for an opportunity to live that American dream.”

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Ikey Background:

Born in Harlem, raised in Nigeria from 6-17 and currently based in Maryland, Ikey’s music like his background is a mixture of geographical influences. From a young age Ikey was influenced by Portishead to Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and Kanye West. Ikey’s music embodies the type of eclectic palette that is forged from living in so many different places. Whether he’s rapping or singing, Ikey has a socially conscious sound with a melodic indie appeal.

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