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Okayplayer Premieres Video for Dreamy Single by R&B Talent Gene Noble from His EP Rebirth Of Gene


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Critical Praise for  Gene Noble:

…his well-traveled existence translates into some pretty heartfelt R&B songs.” – The FADER

His new single, ‘Aware,’ is one of the smoothest R&B cuts out right now.” – Vice/Noisey

“…an upcoming r&b talent you’ll be hearing plenty from in 2014.” – Okayplayer

“It’s rare today to find someone who gives R&B classical justification, but the outspoken ‘rebirth’ of Los Angeles vocalist Gene Noble… puts soul back in the palm of our hands.” – EARMILK

“The unsigned singer…[turns] in an impressive vocal performance on his latest single” – DJ Booth

The Video:

Today, Okayplayer premieres the latest video from rising R&B star Gene Noble’s latest EP, Rebirth Of Gene. In the essence of a true artist, Noble takes individual pieces of art and meshes them together, illustrating stories that almost anyone can relate to. His video for “Imagination” manifests his explantation for the surreal feelings that appear at the end of any relationship. Gene’s haunting, authentic visual representation breathes life into the somber lyrics and powerful vocal delivery. Noble believes in the importance of one’s stories translating through different creative mediums. “I see visuals as I’m writing,” he states, “I think it’s the best way to illustrate a story.”

Within thick layers of fog and smoke, a beautiful woman greets a waking Gene, only to dissolve into the morning sunlight. Fading away as effortlessly as a dream leaves your mind, she leaves him with the sad feelings that come with every break-up. “[It’s] like waking up from a dream,” implies Gene about the song. “…What you experienced couldn’t have been reality if what you currently feel is pain and disillusionment.” With no one to share his luxurious beach house with, Noble truly feels the pain of his love slipping through his fingers. Says Noble, “Even a dream life can quickly feel like a nightmare when dealing with heartache.”

Gene Noble’s vocal prowess continues to remain a constant throughout his journey as an artist. In songs like “Aware” and “Vices,” Noble hits insanely high falsettos, controls hypnotic vibratos, and belts powerful passages with ease. Okayplayer has called it “easily one of the best r&b releases [they’ve] heard in a while.” His experience touring with many notable artists around the world has helped prepare him to take his vocal skills to the next level. His latest work, Rebirth Of Gene, contains all his musical talent and is now available on iTunes.

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Tracklisting for Rebirth of Gene:

  1. Vices (feat. Emilio Rojas)
  2. Imagination
  3. Hide Away
  4. Twilight
  5. Lies
  6. All I Give a F**k About
  7. Still Here
  8. Aware
  9. Wherever You Are
  10. Lay You Down

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Gene Noble Background:

The not-so-quiet rumblings of an artist on the rise continue to intensify. At the center of the quake is new artist, Gene Noble. Putting it mildly, his vocal ability is relentless, powerful and emotional. “Life Music” is how Noble describes his music, “It’s the stuff that expresses the feelings, emotions and words in a way that we want to say but often times can’t.” As a young army brat, he traveled the world to wherever his father was stationed, and while Noble was living in Germany at the age of four, his father, also named Gene, lost his life saving the life of another man.

The memories of his father became more and more distant, and music became Noble’s sanctuary. He started playing piano at the age of 5 and wrote poetry before he ever sang. Noble soon gained an early love of jazz, gospel and legendary artist Prince. In school is where his love of rock, pop, and country came into play. His babysitter eventually introduced him to hip hop. After watching R&B artist D’Angelo perform on his Voodoo tour, Noble realized that he wanted to be an artist.

Over time Noble began to realize that he knew very little about his father Gene. In 2012, he realized that he had lived longer than his father had. It all hit him when a close friend was killed, leaving a young daughter behind. The loss was devastating. As he’d done in the past, Noble returned to his sanctuary, his music… the one place he could freely express his emotions and create his new EP, Rebirth of Gene.

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“Imagination” video:



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“Still Here” video:

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