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Flawed Up Shawty EP shows FXXXXY’s range of talents with meticulous production, memorable hooks, and agile flows. It also walks the line between a murky undergound vibe and more pop-leaning accessibility. FXXXXY is operating in his own lane and has yet to get a public superstar co-sign or a big-name collaboration, but Flawed Up Shawty is the first look at a talented new artist coming into his own, and if he keeps progressing at this rate, big things should follow.” – Pigeons & Planes


Adaptation defines FXXXXY. Born in Dallas, his parents moved to Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas before relocating and settling in Dallas when he was 13. Being back in Texas proved crucial. “It really helped my confidence because I didn’t have the negative people I looked up to around me anymore,” FXXXXY says today. “I didn’t have the gang around me to where I’d be like, ‘Okay, who am I going to be now?’ So that’s when I became me.”

Being in a better environment also enabled FXXXXY to finally focus on what he loved: music. He looked up to his father, who had a keyboard. Seeing his son’s infatuation with music, FXXXXY’s father got him a keyboard and then an MPC drum machine and sampler. Turntables soon followed, as did a talk box. Since FXXXXY had moved so much, music was the one constant in his life. With Dallas a long-term home, FXXXXY channeled his energy into making beats, ones inspired by the hardcore rap his dad listened to and the soulful R&B his mother liked.

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By the time he was around 13, FXXXXY felt something new. “I had a strong, strong feeling,” he recalls. “I knew I was going to be a rapper. I knew that because I could rap. I was always better than everybody rapping.” But FXXXXY lacked his own equipment to record with, so he adapted. In winter 2016, he realized that he could use his mother’s laptop to make his own music. So, he snuck into her car in the middle night (while she was sleeping) and turned it into a studio. He took his mic, put a sock over it, and started recording himself. He could only record for about 17 minutes at a time, though, because that’s all the time he had before his mother’s computer would die (it was old).

Those sessions became the Cartel Shawty EP, the late 2016 project that launched FXXXXY’s career and established him as a figure to watch thanks to his melodic rap style, his willingness to discuss his emotional vulnerability, and his cinematic beats. Complex called Cartel Shawty’s “20 Taliband” a “standout single.”

FXXXXY Flawed Up Shawty EP arrived in early 2017. The aggressive project, which was about him losing a relationship and trying to make something ugly beautiful, kicked his career into overdrive and led to a recording contract with industry powerhouse Interscope Records.

In 2018, FXXXXY teamed with Gunna for the self-produced single “Need U.” “As soon as I made the beat, I knew, ‘Okay, this is going to be one that I need to really vent on,” FXXXXY says of the piano-accented backdrop. Less than two months later, FXXXXY teamed with Lil Durk on “Follow Me,” which debuted on Ebro Darden’s Beats 1 Radio show. “It’s about the aftermath of a temporary breakup,” FXXXXY explains. “When you both become cool headed and are ready to do it again.”

FXXXXY’s star continues expanding. He recently contributed tracks to Future’s new project and inked a publishing deal with the Atlanta artist’s camp. With his momentum steadily building, FXXXXY remains focused on making the best music possible. In fact, he’s working on new material now. It promises to be a blend of what makes him distinct and what’s next in music.

After all, part of FXXXXY’s musical ascent comes from his constant musical exploration – and his ability to adapt. “I was just experimenting, just doing all these things,” FXXXXY explains, “then it just all added up to where I am now.”[/wpex]

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