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The Hip-Hop Legend Recounts His Origins with Two Southern Compadres in the Flex-Heavy New Video


Critical Praise for E-40

“E-40 is a national treasure” – Stereogum

“Whoever you are, and whatever your low-grade malaise, E-40 is here to banish it. The Bay Area rap forefather is a human exclamation point, a superhero whose power is remaining helplessly in love with his work. E-40 works harder and more joyfully at making great rap music than you or I have ever worked on anything”Pitchfork

“The Bay Area’s ambassador E-40 is one of those rare veterans in hip-hop that gets better with time.”Complex

The Song:

Few emcees have managed to stay relevant as long as¬†E-40, still racking up hits in his fourth decade making rap music. Joining three generations of rap stars with a slinky slapper, E-40 recounts his origins on¬†Straight Out The Dirt,” digging deep into his family history: “My granddaddy helped build the Carquinez Bridge/Gave my grandmama eleven kids/A gallon of milk and some eggs in the fridge/A pack of Top Ramen some bread and some grits.” Recruiting Memphis rap icon¬†Yo Gotti¬†and Baton Rouge riser¬†YoungBoy Never Broke Again, who was still five years away from birth¬†when E-40 made his 1994 debut in the Billboard 200, E-40 stunts in front of a massive pile of soil in the stunt-happy, literal-minded music video. Released last summer, “Straight Out The Dirt” is a harbinger for a huge 2018 for E-40, as he prepares his 26th studio album.

In 2016, E-40 landed¬†three new albums on the¬†Billboard 200¬†simultaneously¬†with¬†The D-Boy Rap Diary Books 1 & 2¬†and the¬†44-track¬†D-Boy Diary:¬†Deluxe Edition. All three also placed in the top 20 of Billboard’s¬†Indie¬†and¬†R&B/Hip-Hop Charts¬†and reached the top ten of the¬†Rap Chart.¬†The D-Boy Diary¬†earned much of its success from streaming, with key playlist placements, including “Puttin’ In Work” on¬†Spotify’s New Music¬†Friday¬†and “Savage” on the popular¬†Rap Caviar,¬†leading to over 2 million Spotify streams¬†in one week. The very same¬†year, E-40 celebrated even more chart success as two singles, “Choices” and “Function,” received¬†Gold¬†certifications from the¬†RIAA. This summer, E-40 teamed up with¬†B-Legit,¬†his cousin and fellow former member of¬†The Click, for¬†“Fo Sho,” and made a left-field collaboration with electronic musician¬†Ryan Hemsworth¬†on¬†“Hunnid,”¬†released in July. With four decades in the rap game and a flourishing adult beverage empire, E-40 is the ultimate rap elder statesman, teaching his glorious, ever-evolving career in the music business to new artists in the Bay and beyond. Most recently, 40 announced the latest expansion to his alcoholic beverage collection when he introduced¬†E.Cuarenta, his new brand of signature tequila.

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The Background:

One of the most celebrated rappers of all time, E-40 has attained legendary status in hip-hop. Since making his debut with The Click almost 30 years ago and becoming one of the first West Coast rap artists to sign to a major label, his name has become synonymous with the independent music movement. E-40 has released 24 solo albums, become a platinum recording artist and collaborated with artists including Tupac, UGK, and Snoop Dogg. At age 48, E-40 is an anomaly in hip-hop, maintaining his relevance over a career that spans three decades. In the past few years alone, he‚Äôs been featured on several Billboard charts (‚ÄúChoices,‚ÄĚ Big Sean‚Äôs ‚ÄúIDFWU‚ÄĚ, Ty Dolla $ign‚Äôs ‚ÄúSaved‚ÄĚ), he‚Äôs earned an RIAA-certified Gold plaque (‚ÄúChoices‚ÄĚ) and starred and had his 2006 smash hit ‚ÄúTell Me When to Go‚ÄĚ featured in a Beats By Dre commercial. Says E-40, “What’s happening at this point in my career defies logic. Name another 48-year-old rapper with one Gold record, let alone three in the same year. My fans stretch much further than the Bay Area, further than just the West Coast. I brought so much shit to hip-hop. I‚Äôve been relevant in each generation and each decade and I’ve done it as an independent artist.‚ÄĚ

E-40‚Äôs success extends beyond the music industry, most notably through his entrepreneurship in the adult beverages industry. His wine business, Earl Stevens Selections, distributes high-quality wine to stores across the country, including BevMo, Safeway, and local liquor stores. He has made inroads into the pre-mixed cocktail business with Sluricane, a signature bottled-mix named after his 1995 hit “Hurricane,” with The Click, which was the top-selling beverage at BevMo when it was first released. In 2015, E-40 released an eponymous brand of 40-oz. malt liquor. E-40 is continuing his unprecedented longevity and success as an independent artist with his next album, scheduled for late 2016.

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