Video: E-40 – “Savage” ft. Jazze Pha & B-Legit

The Counselor Drops the First Video From His Highly Anticipated Albums The D-Boy Diary Book 1 & The D-Boy Diary Book 2

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Critical Praise for E-40

“Whoever you are, and whatever your low-grade malaise, E-40 is here to banish it. The Bay Area rap forefather is a human exclamation point, a superhero whose power is remaining helplessly in love with his work. E-40 works harder and more joyfully at making great rap music than you or I have ever worked on anything”Pitchfork

“The Bay Area’s ambassador E-40 is one of those rare veterans in hip-hop that gets better with time.”Complex

The Video:

Rap icon E-40 wastes no time in releasing a fresh new video “Savage” featuring producer/singer Jazze Pha, who produced Ludacris’ “Area Codes” and Ciara’s 1, 2 Step,” and prolific Bay Area veteran and E-40’s cousin B-Legit. The new visual features the dynamic trio toasting it up to the good life with assorted eye candy, plush whips and an array of Sluricane. The new video single is a glimpse into the highly anticipated 42-track effort, The D-Boy Diary Book 1 & The D-Boy Diary Book 2, slated to drop on Nov. 18, 2016. With features from Gucci Mane, Lil B, G-Eazy, Nef The Pharaoh, Droop-E, Jay Rock, Kid Ink, Mistah F.A.B., Eric Bellinger, Casey Veggies, AD, Joe Moses and more, this iconic project will mark E-40’s 26th and 27th solo releases.

Says E-40: “The first time the word ‘Savage’ was ever said in the way we are saying it now that I recall, was 1989 in my song called ‘Mr. Flamboyant.’ I said, Become a SAVAGE/ get swole boat ones / 20-inch arms establish one-hitter quitters/ the whole get down/ now run up on me now. I keep it original and relevant mane.”

Says B-Legit: “E-40’s sound is always versatile but when we team up it’s a greenlight go … Savage has an uptempo dance floor beat if you ask me. The way Jazze Pha works the hook makes it catchy as a matter of fact, I sing it in my head all the time.”

Explains Jazze Pha, “I was inspired by the young homies that were in the studio the night when I heard the Savage beat… I pulled my verses from that savage idgaf lifestyle when a youngin got a pocket fulla cash, smoking good & drinking good and he feels like he can have it all! Makes me feel like I’m kinda reliving my past life on this song.”

While maintaining an internationally acclaimed sound nearly four decades, the Bay Area Ambassador continues to defy the odds in today’s millennial age with two recent Gold Plaques for hit singles “Function” and “Choices!” “Savage” follows up E-40’s earlier releases including the recent “On One” featuring AD, and “Slappin” featuring Nef the Pharaoah and D.R.A.M., and the radio hit “Petty” featuring Kamaiyah. In addition to his distinguished music career, E-40 enjoys success with his collection of premium beverages: pre-mixed rum cocktail Sluricane, wine brand Earl Stevens Selections and E-40-brand 40 oz. beer.

Watch “Savage”:

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The D-Boy Diary Tracklist

Book 1

Stack it to the Ceiling
Straight To The Point (ft. Ezale and G-Eazy)
Savage (ft. Jazze Pha and B­-Legit)
Puttin’ in Work
Mr. Arm and Hammer (ft. Stresmatic)
Hunedz (ft. Rick Rock)
Fired Up (ft. Cousin Fik)
Bag On Me (ft. K.D. Stunts)
Say So (ft. iStevie)
Stay Away (ft. Eric Bellinger)
Somebody (ft. Ricco Barrino)
All Day (ft. Gucci Mane)
The Grit Don’t Quit (ft. Nef The Pharaoh)
Fake Lit (ft. June Onna Beat)
Goon Music (ft. Stresmatic)
Gangsta Song (ft. Kent Jones)
Blessed By The Game
We Flip (ft. Cousin Fik, Choose Up Cheese and Stresmatic)
I Had It In a Drought (ft. Stresmatic)
Check (ft. Willy Will)
Made It Out (ft. Young Chu)

Book 2

Bring Back The Sideshow (ft. Mistah F.A.B. and Nef The Pharaoh)
Money (ft. Mozzy and Jay Rock)
This Goin’ Up (ft. Husalah and Turf Talk)
On One (ft. AD)
Get Money or Get Lost
Highway (ft. B-Legit and TreSolid)
Sick Out Here (ft. Droop-E)
Thank U (ft. Willy Will)
Military Time (ft. Salsalino and Baby Treeze)
Uh Huh (ft. YV)
2 Seater (ft. Kid Ink)
What It’s Gone Be (ft. D-Day and Tamoya Bell)
How Do U Like That
I Know a Guy
All I Know (ft. K Camp and Casey Veggies)
Waitin’ On a Play (ft. Nicamari)
Broke Bitches (ft. Joe Moses and Jay 305)
Flash On These Bitches (ft. Lil B)
Too Many
Paid Off (ft. Stresmatic)

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E-40 Background:

One of the most celebrated rappers of all time, E-40 has attained legendary status in hip-hop. Since making his debut with The Click almost 30 years ago and becoming one of the first West Coast rap artists to sign to a major label, his name has become synonymous with the independent music movement. E-40 has released 24 solo albums, become a platinum recording artist and collaborated with artists including Tupac, UGK, and Snoop Dogg. At age 48, E-40 is an anomaly in hip-hop, maintaining his relevance over a career that spans three decades. In the past few years alone, he’s been featured on several Billboard charts (“Choices,” Big Sean’s “IDFWU”, Ty Dolla $ign’s “Saved”), he’s earned an RIAA-certified Gold plaque (“Choices”) and starred and had his 2006 smash hit “Tell Me When to Go” featured in a Beats By Dre commercial. Says E-40, “What’s happening at this point in my career defies logic. Name another 48-year-old rapper with one Gold record, let alone three in the same year. My fans stretch much further than the Bay Area, further than just the West Coast. I brought so much shit to hip-hop. I’ve been relevant in each generation and each decade and I’ve done it as an independent artist.”

E-40’s success extends beyond the music industry, most notably through his entrepreneurship in the adult beverages industry. His wine business, Earl Stevens Selections, distributes high-quality wine to stores across the country, including BevMo, Safeway, and local liquor stores. He has made inroads into the pre-mixed cocktail business with Sluricane, a signature bottled-mix named after his 1995 hit “Hurricane,” with The Click, which was the top-selling beverage at BevMo when it was first released. In 2015, E-40 released an eponymous brand of 40-oz. malt liquor. E-40 is continuing his unprecedented longevity and success as an independent artist with his next album, scheduled for late 2016.

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