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Critical Praise:

“Domani Harris will be on your radar in a big way this year”The FADER

“…Domani definitely has the potential to dominate rap in his own right. With bars that are mellow, melodic and most impressively, mature, Domani deserves to go without his age or upbringing mentioned in relation to his music.” PAPER Magazine

“[Domani is] an individual and a rapper well and truly on an astronomical ascension phase”Highsnobiety

“Domani isn’t just another carbon copy rapper… full capabilities as a lyricist with his crazy wordplay and rhyme patterns”VIBE Magazine


Music is coded in Domani Harris’ DNA. Known to many as one of the seven children of legendary rapper T.I. and featured on the hit VH1 show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, is following in his father’s footsteps—but on his own terms. After breaking through with 2017’s The Constellation and 2018’s Amygdala projects, Domani prepares to take an artistic leap with Time Will Tellreleasing May 24th via EMPIRE.

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“Ever since I was younger, I always used to take toys, take them apart, put them back together on my own,” explains the Atlanta native. “Music was just another way for me to create. I had always liked music, but when I was like nine, I was like, let me do something. I got in there, put it down and kept doing it.”

Constellation, inspired by the idea that you have to have “all stars aligned to keep a full image,” grabs the baton from The Process, which established him as a force in his own right. Featuring guest appearances from Zonique and London Jae, the 10-track EP digs deeper than before, elaborating on experiences he’s had in his life. He talks about past romances on the piano-kissed “Royalty” and friends who have turned their backs on him, only to try to make their way back into his good graces now that he’s planted his flag as an emcee, on “Off My Chest.” But he gets most personal on “You Gon Need Me,” where he delves into his family life.

“The second verse was more about my mom, because everyone thinks my mom is my stepmom, which is Tiny, and I had addressed that in the song and I had said basically why I’m doing what I’m doing,” he explains. “On every song, I try to touch as many different people as I can. Basically, I just said how I feel to relate to other people, which in my situation, people want to say such and such. They’re trying to look for negative things to say off the jump.”

Part of what shifted the public perception of Domani was The Process, the six-track introductory EP that released in July 2016 and was hosted by DJ Frank White. For a young mind, Domani touched on complex social issues on “Black Lives Matter,” showing he has depth to his lyrics, and showed maturity in his singsong lyricism on “I’m On Now,” which has since gone on to accrue more than 500,000 listens on Spotify and 2.3 million clicks on its accompanying video on YouTube.

Though much of the public knows Domani for his appearances on TV, he’s maintained an interest in rapping for almost half of his life. Having a father known to the music world as “King of the South” came with its benefits, and he was introduced to a wide array of musicians from which he learned, but quickly realized that he was only drawn to artists who looked at the long term. “I was told the right people to listen to and people you remember for years to come,” he says. “I just never thought it was smart to listen to someone that was only around for three months if you want to be remembered for the rest of your life. So I just listened to the greats.”

Since then, he’s been determined to stand on his own and set himself apart from his father. In fact, he says, that was the reason he decided to establish Kings, Inc., and put out his music independently. “If I was on my dad’s label, people would say, this is his son, he didn’t work for anything, he just put him somewhere,” he says. “I think starting my own thing on my own route with content, people will respect that more. That’s what I wanted in the first place. I didn’t need any help, I just needed some time, and I got it. Now, we’re moving. And I got it.”

With Constellation, Domani is set to accomplish just that, with even bigger aspirations on the horizon. “I hope people realize that I’m an artist. This is no TV thing, this is no such and such. I’m an artist. That’s pretty much it. Respect me as an artist.”


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