Video: DC The Don – “Hate The New You

The Rostrum Records Rapper Shares a Summery and Heartfelt Video for a Widescreen Highlight from His Recent FUNERAL Album

Borrowing Elements From Across the Genre Spectrum, FUNERAL Has Over 10 Million Streams Since Its May 5th Release

Critical Praise:

“Not only can he sing with so much emotion behind his words, but he also knows how to masterfully rap as well as switch up his cadences constantly, always keeping you guessing about what he’s going to do next.” – Lyrical Lemonade

“Los Angeles by way of Milwaukee’s DC The Don is part rapper, part rockstar, excelling in the melodic and riotous lane popularized by cult heroes like Lil Uzi Vert and Trippie Redd.” – Audiomack

The Video:

DC The Don merges his rhyming talent, melodic mastery, and pop instincts to create a thrilling style of his own. Translating his late night monologues into a driving power ballad, DC The Don shares the new video for Hate The New You.” Built around pulsing guitars and a prominent four-on-the-floor thump, “Hate The New You” deeply explores DC’s mindset after a rocky relationship, recapping nights filled with paranoid social media scrolling, regretful thoughts, and plaintive pleas for reconciliation: “I bеt them nights feel lonely again/Takin’ pictures with all your friends/You tryna make it seem like it’s just all love, but this sh*t weighin’ on you,” sings DC. Directed by Connor Pritchard, the video finds the Milwaukee native contemplating better times with his beloved, as he ruminates in his house and flashes back to an idyllic afternoon in a field of flowers.

“Hate The New You” is a standout track from FUNERAL, DC’s third album, that began an exciting new phase in the young rapper’s career. FUNERAL is an immersive look inside DC The Don’s world of hard-edged raps and hyperpop melodies, skillfully blending the two sides of his personality that dominated each half of last year’s ambitious My Own Worst Enemy. Over the course of the 16-track album, DC works with a core crew of producers to craft a danceable, uptempo new sound that incorporates elements of club, trap, bubblegum pop, emo, dubstep, and everything else that catches the omnivorous rapper’s fancy.  Home to highlight singles like Hate Being Lonely” and 12AM,” FUNERAL has over 10 million on-demand streams since its May 5th release, and is generating over 1 million streams per week.

“To me, FUNERAL, marks less of a death, but more of a rebirth and resurrection in my career,” says DC The Don. “I’m looking forward to showing off a whole new side of the work I’ve been putting in as an artist. I feel like this album is the most cohesive body of work I’ve made to date. I tapped into a wider pop and dance sound in a lot of these songs, and really tried to make some timeless, ageless, music on this sh*t.”

The release of FUNERAL is a crowning moment of what has already been a busy year for the Milwaukee native. In March, DC The Don turned back the clock when he re-released his 2018 mixtape DC DAHMER, adding two standout new songs: the lilting and heartfelt “Mood Swings!,” produced by Trademark, and the transporting, guitar-led “LSD Freestyle.” In January, DC released the endlessly creative original mixtape SACRED HEART (+), home to standouts like “SRT / UMBRELLA” and “SHUTUP!” Following in the wake of 2022’s “FUNERAL Tour,” DC joins $NOT on his Get Busy Or Die Tour,” where he is a supporting act alongside Night Lovell and Eem Triplin. DC and $NOT recently collaborated for the SoundCloud-only slapper “WHO THIS?

Watch “Hate The New You”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJAHbeB5NU4

Stream FUNERALhttp://rostrumrecords.lnk.to/FUNERAL

Buy tickets for the “Get Busy Or Die Tour” HERE

FUNERAL tracklist:
2. LUV
3. Story of MY Life
4. Hate The New You
6. Shawty
7. Hate Being Lonely
8. Bankrupt :/
9. 12AM
10. Friends..
11. Working On Dyin
12. Used 2 Be/Me
13. You Forgot Abt Me
14. Going Stuck
15. Fight Or Flight 🙁
16. intuition

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The Background:

DC The Don is a rapper from Milwaukee, WI. In 2016, at the age of 16 and standing 6’7”, DC moved to Los Angeles to pursue a basketball career under Lavar Ball and alongside teammate LaMelo Ball. During this time, he fell in love with music and used his spare time to make experimental records which suddenly gained traction – As the public became increasingly aware of DC The Don’s talent for rapping, NBA player Lonzo Ball featured his song “Everything 1k” on the first Big Baller Brand shoe commercial, introducing DC The Don’s music to an even wider audience. DC signed to Rostrum Records in 2020, releasing his debut album Come As You Are on August 7th, generating over 125 million streams across platforms. The artist looks to reach another level with My Own Worst Enemy, his ambitious new album, available everywhere now.

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“Hate The New You”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJAHbeB5NU4


“12AM”: https://dcthedon.lnk.to/12AM

“Hate Being Lonely”: http://DCTheDon.lnk.to/HateBeingLonely / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kH2-yho5GHE

DC DAHMERhttp://DCTheDon.lnk.to/DCDahmer

“SRT / UMBRELLA”: https://youtu.be/vuTS723XZdc

SACRED HEART (+)https://dcthedon.lnk.to/SacredHeart

“Poison”: https://dcthedon.lnk.to/Poison / https://youtu.be/j49R6VTqyaQ

http://dcthedon.lnk.to/AllIKnow / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c809B7qTIpo

“SUICIDE” ft. midwxst: http://dcthedon.lnk.to/Suicide / https://youtu.be/BY4UyQ-33lA

“ZOMBIELAND”: https://lnk.to/ZombielandDCTheDon / https://youtu.be/suAoBkJARYw

“HATE IT OR LOVE IT”:  https://rostrum.lnk.to/HATEITORLOVEIT / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6Vt-vck6aI

“Telfar…”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk3CNF7VUQw

“Donny’s Revenge”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lAVm2lWUkk

“i want you <3”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49fZSCwwoVs

“ENEMIES”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8FKoi0-pZ8

“Live From The Gutta!”: https://youtu.be/uE1FXcizHas

My Own Worst Enemyhttps://smarturl.it/DCTheDonMOW3

“PSA”: https://smarturl.it/PSADCTheDon / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlDQNUL1amM

“Arrest Me”: https://smarturl.it/DCTheDonARRESTME / https://youtu.be/eR_z5AwClZM

“REROUT3”: https://smarturl.it/DCTheDonREROUT3 / https://youtu.be/bPW6VQAqvIg

“Worst Day ):”: https://youtu.be/IUma3lyWEMo

Come As You Are (Deluxe)https://smarturl.it/DCTheDonCAYADeluxe

Come As You Arehttps://smarturl.it/DCTheDonCAYA