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Chippy Admits Her Overdependence on Technology in Latest Music Video Premiered by A.V. Club


Critical Praise for Chippy Nonstop:
  • “Upon first listen, it might be easy to dismiss the internet-obsessed Nanda’s debut offering #GLOBALSCHOOLOFTWERK as frivolous hipster party rap. Upon closer inspection idiosyncracies emerge: seething Hindi rhymes, crunchy dance beats, and a hyphy-inspired energy that help underscore Nanda’s unusual inspirations.” – FLAUNT Magazine
  • “She’s provocative, demanding of attention, while maintaining the casual-fun style of your old neighborhood crew. You can’t help but follow her bopping head and twerking booty for fear you might blink and miss the next step.” – San Francisco Bay Guardian
  • “The Oakland-based rapper Chippy Nonstop is incredibly easy to like and a surefire good time, but she’s far more than a pretty party girl with a great Twitter. She has great stamina and an ear for interesting sounds you can also bounce your butt to.”– Interview Magazine
The Video:

“People just thought I had no ‘feelings,’ respect, or anything ‘real’ to offer,” says Internet-obsessed Chippy Nonstop, who has been recently going through some self-realization. The latest video for her track, “Alone,” reflects the more mature, emotional sound that the song offers. “[This video] signifies finding yourself all alone and being scared to look and admit to yourself that you are alone and this is who you are,” explains Chippy. Viewers are plunged into a virtual “Chippy” world with no one around, illustrating the way she uses technology to escape reality. While it may appear sad and somber, the video illustrates the first step in a positive direction for anyone who has discovered something about themselves they didn’t like: self-actualization, experiencing feelings for the first time in a long time, or accepting your imperfections.

Los Angeles-based producer Felix Snow, who has produced for notable R&B artists such as SZA, Leona Lewis, and Gallant, assisted Chippy with the track. Chippy acknowledges that “Alone” is a departure from her usual energetic party music, but explains that there are many different sides to her as a musician. “I love getting ratchet, obviously, being crazy and dancing on tables at parties, but people don’t realize I actually really like songwriting. I’ve been working with pop producers on some other artists’ records and I just love making songs.” The track does not appear on her latest mixtape, #finallyverified,  which is available for download on iTunes.

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Chippy Nonstop Background:

Chippy Nonstop is an audacious, undeniable party starter. She is of Indian descent but is more of a cultural nomad; she was born in Dubai, grew up in Zambia, has citizenship in Canada, and currently lives in Oakland. Chippy makes “electro-trap” music that combines dance, hip-hop, and world sounds. She was featured on the recent Kreayshawn, Major Lazer, Big Baby Gandhi and Star Slinger albums. Chippy has released her first solo EP, MoneyDance101, the #GLOBALSKOOLOFTWERK mixtape, and most recent EP #finallyverified. Her discography includes released features with The Pack’s Stunnaman, Metro Zu, Andy Milonakis, and Main Attrakionz.

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Video for “Alone”:


“Bubblegum” feat. Kitty:

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“Money Dance”:

“R U Down?” ft. Antwon (prod. by Ryan Hemsworth):


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