Album: Black Milk – If There’s A Hell Below

Critically Acclaimed Rapper/Producer Independently Releases Fifth Solo Album via His Own Computer Ugly Record Label, Available In Vinyl, CD, and Digital Formats


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Critical Praise for Black Milk:

“Black Milk’s solo career represents a constant cycle of adopting and mastering new production styles and then abandoning them before they become crutches.” – Pitchfork

“His samples are elegant, his rhythms challenging and his drum kits tight.” – NPR

“Cross has no need for these extras; in his world of soul-tugging productions and machinegun-as-velvet delivery they are merely distractions. On this realization, and in the moment, it was hard not be floored by the obvious: this is what talent with genuine poise really looks and sounds like.” – Dallas Observer

“Striking an impressive balance between being rehearsed and spontaneous, he proved his chops as a multitalented artist once again.” – Okayplayer

The Album:

Following a streaming premiere with the New York Times, Detroit-bred rapper/producer Black Milk releases his fifth solo album, If There’s A Hell Below, via his own Computer Ugly label. “The music on Hell Below is one big wistful wash of sound, unified, but full of idiosyncrasies,” declares Pitchfork in their review, while the Boombox adds that Black is “at the forefront of innovation.” The album includes first-time collaborations with Blu, Bun B, and Pete Rock, in addition to appearances from past cohorts Random Axe, Ab, and Mel. Digital, CD, and vinyl versions are available via Bandcamp. 

The official album release follows a series of hard-hitting singles from Black, including “Scum,” which released earlier this month and reunites the Random Axe crew (Black, Sean PriceGuilty Simpson). “This blistering concoction from Donut Town’s torchbearer finds the trio of tried and true verbalists getting busy on a cut that knocks and stomps the whole way through,” says Okayplayer of the track. Last month, Black Milk released the album’s third single, Gold Piece,” with UGK‘s Bun B, a song Milk describes as a “story about how the only role models for young guys in the hood are the older guys that hustle on their blocks.” These aforementioned songs followed the bouncy “Detroit’s New Dance Show” and the self-reflective “What It’s Worth.”

If There’s A Hell Below is a continuation of my 2013 album No Poison No Paradise,” Black Milk explains. “On NPNP, I spoke through the character Sonny Jr. This time, I’m recounting experiences in first person, from different phases of my life. The stories reflect how I or the people where I’m from feel or have felt – if there’s a hell below, maybe we’re already in it.”

Stream and purchase digital and physical versions of If There’s A Hell Below

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If There’s A Hell Below tracklist:

01. Everyday Was (ft. Mel)
02. What It’s Worth
03. Leave the Bones Behind (ft. Blu & Ab)
04. Quarter Water (ft. Pete Rock)
05. Hell Below (ft. Gene Obey)
06. Detroit’s New Dance Show
07. Story and Her
08. All Mighty
09. Scum (ft. Random Axe)
10. Gold Piece (ft. Bun B)
11. Grey For Summer
12. Up & Out

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Black Milk Background:

As one of the most celebrated producers and rappers of his generation of hip-hop artists, Black Milk has conditioned fans and critics to expect the unexpected with each release. Few producers have earned the notoriety and respect he has as a musician, and when that is coupled with commanding talent as an emcee, it’s no surprise that his solo releases are met with exalted anticipation. His new full-length album, If There’s A Hell Below, continues Black’s trend of releasing material that maintains his signature sound while pushing it into new territory.

With more than a decade of industry experience and a rich catalog of recordings, Black Milk has transitioned from one of hip-hop’s young rising stars to a veteran with a uniquely well-rounded pedigree. After scoring his first production credit for Slum Village as a teenager in 2002, he eventually worked closely with the group and co-produced much of their two following albums. His self-released, full-length project Sound of the City (2005) led to his first record deal, and he began to gain international attention for the soul-sample driven style on his proper solo debut Popular Demand (2007). With five solo rap albums (Popular DemandTronicAlbum of the YearNo Poison No Paradise and Glitches In The Break), an instrumental album (Synth or Soul), numerous collaboration albums (Caltroit with Bishop Lamont, The Set Up with Fat Ray, Black and Brown with Danny Brown, Random Axe with Sean Price and Guilty Simpson and Burning Stones with Mel), and 2 singles with Jack White behind him, Black Milk remains one of hip-hop’s most consistent artists.

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If There’s A Hell Below:

“Scum” ft. Random Axe:

“Gold Piece” ft. Bun B:

“Detroit’s New Dance Show”:

“What It’s Worth”:

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