Black Milk Pushes Forward With DiVE EP, Releasing on August 2nd via Mass Appeal Records/Computer Ugly

The Multi-Faceted Detroit Artist Teams Up with BJ The Chicago Kid for “If U Say,” the EP’s Wistful and Harmonious Lead Single


Critical Praise for Black Milk:

“As the performance soared into a free-form jam, it was apparent that Mr. Cross and the band had succeeded in pushing the music far from the boundaries of any single genre.” – Wall Street Journal

“Black Milk’s solo career represents a constant cycle of adopting and mastering new production styles and then abandoning them before they become crutches.” – Pitchfork 

“His samples are elegant, his rhythms challenging and his drum kits tight.” – NPR

“Sonically [FEVER] is, unsurprisingly, a masterful album: echoey, soulful and old-school” – The Guardian

“Cross has no need for these extras; in his world of soul-tugging productions and machinegun-as-velvet delivery they are merely distractions. On this realization, and in the moment, it was hard not be floored by the obvious: this is what talent with genuine poise really looks and sounds like.” – Dallas Observer

The Announcement:

Blending genres and moods with his rich soundscapes, Detroit multi-hyphenate Black Milk virtuosically pushes the boundaries of hip-hop without losing sight of its rich tradition. Returning to the fold with a forward-looking artistic statement, Black Milk announces DiVE, his upcoming EP. Continuing the sonic experimentation and politically-charged atmosphere of his 2018 album FEVERDiVE finds Black Milk with an eye on the future, contemplating the next decade with equal parts hope and trepidation.

Recruiting a group of ace session musicians from his hometown, Black Milk fine-tunes his incendiary blend of rock, funk, rap, soul, and electronic, which can switch from hard-charging to smooth to ethereal at the drop of a hat. Spanning 11-tracks, the EP flows from front-to-back with seamless transitions, mimicking the free-wheeling creativity of the album’s author. With vocal contributions from BJ The Chicago Kid, Detroit artist Sam Austins, and Black’s younger brother MAHDDiVE arrives on August 2nd via Mass Appeal Records/Computer Ugly.

“DiVE represents me looking ahead at 2020,” Black shares. “Stepping into this new decade, I want to have a mentality of progression. Once 2020 clicks in, I want to leave a lot of my old ways, traditions, and mentalities behind. I’m always going to have my standard and aesthetic. That’s why I’m not really afraid to step outside of any box because my taste will always keep me grounded.”

To accompany the announcement of the EP, Black Milk shares If U Say ft. BJ The Chicago Kid,” the project’s lead single. A lush, R&B-flavored track with stuttering breakbeats, “If U Say ft. BJ The Chicago Kid” finds Black Milk and BJ attempting to reconcile their past, present, and future selves, in the context of a rapidly changing, nearly unrecognizable Midwest. Rhymes Black Milk: “While my old hood’s boarded up and abandoned/Damn, everything from before seems gone now/So, I put the memories in a song now/With a melody they can sing along now.” Layering soulful harmonies and ad-libs on top of one another on the chorus, BJ keeps his head up, powering through the hard times with hope for a prosperous future.

Listen to “If U Say ft. BJ The Chicago Kid”:
Listen to “If U Say ft. BJ The Chicago Kid”:
DiVE EP tracklist:
01. Save Yourself
02. Black NASA ft. Sam Austins
03. If U Say ft. BJ the Chicago Kid
04. Relate (Want 2 Know) ft. MAHD
05. Blame
06. Swimm ft. Phil Swish
07. DiVE pt.2
08. Don’t Say
09. Out Loud
10. TYME
11. Now Begin

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