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Bhad Bhabie

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It mirrors a timeless hip-hop tale, but starring a wholly unexpected, unbridled, and unpredictable protagonist…

Hailing from the working class border of Boynton Beach and Lake Worth on the north side of Palm Beach County, Bhad Bhabie sets a scene of post-2008 suburban decay. “Lake Worth is ghetto without all of the drug dealers,” she explains. “You see a lot of crackheads and prostitutes walking up and down Dixie Highway all the time…still today. It’s fucked up.”

Rap didn’t just soundtrack the area, but it also soundtracked her upbringing. By the age of nine, she carried a pink iPod everywhere loaded with favorites by the likes of Plies, T-Pain, Trina, Ludacris, Chris Brown, and LL Cool J. She can recall singing along to “Bust It Baby” and “Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’)” from a burned CD in the car with her single parent mom and re-creating Fergie’s “Fergalicious” video in front of the mirror.

A 12-year-old Bhad Bhabie skipped school to kick it in an abandoned garage as her classmates tried to rap.

“It was this abandoned garage or some shit next to Texaco,” she recalls. “All of the boys thought they could rap. They’d take instrumentals off YouTube, and I’d sit there like, ‘Y’all suck’. I loved music, but the opportunity wasn’t there. If I was ever going to do it, it wouldn’t fucking suck.”

Oddly enough, it took a national incident to encourage her confidence behind the mic…

See, the courts know Bhad Bhabie as Danielle Bregoli, and you’ve probably spouted her infamous six words—“Cash me ousside, how bout dat?” After she coined it on Dr. Phil, the phrase became a cultural touchstone in 2017 mentioned by everyone from Tom Brady and Drake to Olivia Munn and Jimmy Fallon as she garnered a nomination in the new category of “TRENDING” at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards. An early “Cash Me Ousside” Remix landed on Spotify’s Global & US Viral Charts and went #72 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #30 on the Billboard Hip Hop/R&B Chart. Crushing view counts, she took the #7 and #10 “most-viewed” spots on WorldStarHipHop, #10 “most-viewed” on TMZ, #1 “most-viewed” on Big Boy’s Neighborhood, and more. “Cash Me Ousside” instigated its own language with the BHADMOJI app, which despite no standard promotion vaulted to theTop 5 Overall in USA, Canada, and more. In fact, she’s the fastest growing celebrity ever on Instagram going from 400 to 11 Million followers in less than 6 months.

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The feisty 14-year-old firecracker arrived and finally found the confidence to pursue her passion.

“It was a combination of things,” she admits. “I was listening to some artists, and I was like, ‘Hold on bitch, I can do that.’It finally felt right.”

That brings us to her first single,“These Heauxs”. Over airy and atmospheric production, she spits fast and furious verses before dropping a knockout hook, “I ain’t nothin like these heauxs. Don’t compare me to no one.”

“I call everybody, ‘Heaux’,” she goes on. “Most of the things I say in the verses are real life events. It’s me talking shit about something that really happened. I’ve been in these situations, and it’s my life.”

Then there’s the follow-up banger, “Hi Bich.” Immediately taking up residency in your head, the title chant remains impossible to shak eas well as lyrical barbs sharper than her signature acrylic nails. “I just said those words how I said them, and Jesus was born,” she laughs. “‘Bich’is another term I use.”

In the end, Bhad Babie’s story is only just beginning to unfold—and she’s got no shortage of shit to say.

“This is what I want to do,” she leaves off. “I take this serious. I don’t want to be just another Instagram person who made a song. I’m going to say all kinds of shit people think but won’t say.”


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