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“If you like Playboi Carti or Lucki, you’re gonna love atm…His relaxed flow and undeniable knack for melody combine to create a carefree vibe that’ll have you hooked after just a few listens.” ELEVATOR

Raised in Teaneck, New Jersey, atm dabbled in music as a fan early on, never realizing it would be his chosen path. Upon graduating high school, atm was bound for the University of Northampton in Pennsylvania, but plans changed after the first semester. “Basically, I got kicked out,” he says with a laugh. He knew he had to push forward and headed back up North. By then his high school best friends, producer Cor Blanco and rapper Puddah, were already cultivating their own movements, urging atm to bring his creativity to the forefront. “I figured, let me try this,” he says of making music. “And I liked it. I was good at it.”

On 4/26, atm will release his self-titled debut via Mass Appeal Records. After an unprecedented rise to the mainstream with his wavy, amorous track “rush”, the New Jersey native picks up where he left off, continuing down a road rife with infectious hooks and unmatched melodic flow. New cuts like the genre-bending “Sunset,” aspirational “Miami Nights” and bag-securing anthem “wholelottaguap” are sure to set the tone for atm’s future hit-making career.

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The Summer of 2016 marked a turning point for atm as music became his focus. He released the Cor Blanco-produced “Friends,” and began slowly galvanizing a fan base that was drawn to his vibey, honest music. Soundcloud became his playground. Songs like “Glock,” “Cruisin,” “Vashtie,” and “Bag” all clocked in numbers, though it was “rush” that truly pushed through, breezing past the 1.25 million mark in streams. He reached the ears of Mass Appeal and readily inked a deal. “I feel like Mass Appeal is the best opportunity for me right now, to help me grow and be hands-on with my career,” he says. “I love them.”

The Spring 2019 release of his self-titled project will be a culmination of everything atm has been working towards. “I’m just being myself, I’m not really feeding into the trends or what’s hot right now or trying to ride anyone else’s wave,” he adds. Tracks like the aforementioned “rush”  showcase atm’s true skill and star power potential, combining sounds and lyrics in a uniquely seamless way. “That’s one of the best songs I’ve ever made,” he admits. “I can’t wait for it to touch the mainstream.” The project is a lot of things, drawing together a bevy of different emotions and sounds. “It’s not too turned up. It’s very mellow and chill,” he says.

While atm is just getting started, his aim is to defy any cookie cutter categories that will limit his mission to create versatile music. “I want to be in my own lane and create my own genre,” he explains. “When you think of me I want you to think, ‘Damn he’s so unique, I can’t even classify him.’”


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