Video: A.Dd+ – “Audio Day Dream”

Calm and Confident Dallas Duo Shares Their Dreams in New Video, #DiveHiFlyLo Release Later This Year



Critical Praise for A.Dd+:

“ADd+ admit that they’re not stars, but they probably should be. This is the sound of two dudes rapping for people to take notice. And you should.” – Jeff Weiss

“There’s something really special about what’s happening in the Dallas underground hip-hop scene at the moment — and A.Dd+… are a major part of that.” – Dallas Observer

The Video:

The bejeweled crown in “Audio Day Dream,” the newest video from Dallas hip-hop duo A.Dd+, seems to be searching for a royal perch on which to sit. Yet, Slim Gravy and Parris Pershun avoid dreams of decadence, instead each turning inward to reflect, as a hypnotizing high-pitched vocal sample and gently relentless rhythm guide the listener inside the two artists’ respective minds. “A couple weirdos who put the flavor in your earhole,” the group’s growth has been anything if straightforward, but they continue to learn, grow, and create.

The duo wants to emphasize not just their story, but also how they are using the highs and lows of the past to inform their future. Parris used the record as an opportunity to explore the pain and sorrow and doubt that stems from losing members of your core team, which we went through, and how that pain makes you the artist and the person you are.” As Slim explains,”We wanted to come across with a bang, but not too hard of a bang. I was basically speaking to the listeners just giving them a piece of my mind on how the journey has been and what we would like to become, how we could continue to grow by staying diligent in our work.” This journey will lead to the release of their album #DiveHiFlyLo later this year.

Watch the video here:


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A.Dd+ Background:

The Cowboys, the Grassy Knoll, J.R. Ewing, the Stanky Leg… Dallas, Texas, is known for lots of things. Progressive, forward-thinking hip-hop has, until now, not been one of them. Quirky yet streetwise, fun-loving yet dead serious, A.Dd+, the duo of Parris Pershun and Slim Gravy, may just be leading the city towards a rap renaissance. With a recipe that falls somewhere between UGK’s downhome Southern cooking and the abstract vibes of the Native Tongues movement, Paris (a.k.a.  Arrias Walls) and Slim (Dionte Rembert) been labeled the “OutKast of Dallas.” As Paris states on “The Rapper & The Poet,” the lead track from A.Dd+‘s debut LP, When Pigs Fly, the group strives to offer listeners “a double dose of reality mixed with tragedy mixed with immortality.” They are preparing to release #DiveHiFlyLo later this year.

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“Audio Day Dream”:

“Where You Been?”:

“+ (Plus Sign is Silent)”:

“Can’t You See”:


“When Paris Smokes”: 

“Can’t You See”:


“Insomniac Dreaming” (Prod. By Black Milk):

“Can’t Come Down”:

When Pigs Fly


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