A.CHAL Starts New Chapter of His Career With Impressionistic “Walk On Everything” Video Single

The Omnivorous Artist Delves Deep Within Himself, Perfecting a “Beach Goth” Aesthetic With His Guitar-Driven Single and Xavier Scott Marshall-Directed Video

Critical Praise:

“A.CHAL crafts songs that can only be described as soulful, with a vibration that emanates from within.” OFFICE Magazine

“Peruvian-born New Yorker A.CHAL constantly has his head in the clouds. His music consists of heady urbano dreamscapes and pillowy synth-work, his unique and compelling vocals constantly hovering over the top.” – The FADER

“Rising Peruvian-born singer, songwriter, and producer A.CHAL has one of the most distinct styles in music.” – HYPEBEAST

“A.CHAL seems to possess an intrinsic motivation to share music that is more sensual and thoughtful than vapid and materialistic. He writes of emotional experiences, not items, and is aware of the messages he sends in a way many of his contemporaries are not.”SSENSE

The Announcement:

Peruvian-American singer-songwriter Alejandro Chal Salazar, known as A.CHAL, channels his raw emotion, multicultural background, and omnivorous appetite for music into plainspoken, singularly powerful statements. Continuing a new chapter in his career, the Peruvian-American artist shares Walk On Everything,” his new video single. Written and produced by Alejandro himself, aided by visuals by renowned photographer Xavier Scott Marshall, the new song and music video are emblematic of the artist’s efforts to build a world that emerges from his two homes the Andes of Peru and the concrete jungle of Queens, New York.

Inspired by the “beach goth” aesthetic that animated some of Alejandro’s favorite 80s alternative music and by the fast-living iconoclasm of Argentinian soccer legend Diego Maradona, “Walk On Everything” is a dark, propulsive post-punk banger, built upon spindly guitar licks and a motorik rhythm section. Floating over the instrumental with mantra-like pronouncements, A.CHAL creates a motivational anthem, telling a story about stepping into the fire and walking out the other side.

“When writing this song, I was living in New York and getting back in touch with my ‘beach goth vibe,'” says Alejandro. “I was inspired by 80s alternative, and how the singers wouldn’t channel their ego: they would be vulnerable, and feel comfortable being vulnerable. They made that sadness sound cool. This song is vulnerable, but it’s not sad, it’s motivational. It explains my mindset as I make my way through the industry. No matter how I’m thinking or feeling, when I hear this song, it’s gonna make me get up and do my thing.” 

Filmed in both Peru and New York, and directed by Xavier Scott Marshall, who uses raw Super 8mm film to create a sense of intimacy, the video is as propulsive and forward-moving as the song itself. The film begins with a shot of the artist running through through Huanchaco Beach in Trujillo Peru, where Alejandro lived in tent as a child (as seen in the artwork for recent single Numb The Pain), before transitioning to the dense urban environment of NYC, as Alejandro trudges through crowds before finding his center on a nearby rooftop.

The artist born Alejandro Chal Salazar spent years making his own way in the music industry, building an audience with his evocative, trap-influenced sound that produced hits like “000000,” “Love N Hennessy,” and “GAZI.” Now, after departing his major label and two years of soul-searching, A.CHAL is preparing to release his most introspective music to date, exposing all sides of himself. Earlier this fall, A.CHAL shared Saico,” covered by Office Mag, which borrows elements from psychedelic rock as it interrogates his reckless behavior, and Numb The Pain,” which bares A.CHAL’s soul using bilingual lyrics and a light reggaeton riddim.

Stay tuned for much more music from A.CHAL and expect his next project in early 2024.

Stream “Walk On Everything”: https://vydia.lnk.to/WalkOnEverything

Watch “Walk On Everything”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfNOpDarsEw

Credit: Xavier Scott Marshall

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The Background:

Alejandro Chal Salazar (A.CHAL) is a Peruvian born musician & songwriter based in New York City His music reflects an inner dialogue between the artist’s two worlds, the ancient mountains of Peru, and the cultural epicenter of Queens, New York. Infuenced by these two distinct upbringings, A.CHAL’s sound can be understood as a whirlwind expression of psychedelia, emotions, and personal anecdotes, emerging from a profound experience of duality.

In 2017, after two successful independent releases, Welcome To GAZI & ON GAZ, A.CHAL signed with Epic Records. Following the commercial success of his bilingual hits “Love & Hennessy” and “000000”, the artist sought to get back to the root of his inspiration. He left his label in 2021, with the goal of curating a sound more authentic to his world of references. Recorded in Peru, New York, Paris, and Los Angeles between 2021-2023, A.CHAL produced his most personal & transcending record to date: Alejandro.

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“Walk On Everything”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfNOpDarsEw / https://vydia.lnk.to/WalkOnEverything

“Numb The Pain”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNkXr_8ieSY

“Saico”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-C9opiE1alw