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Video: Rocky Banks – “Purpose” ft. Mufasa Enzor

GoodMusicAllDay Premieres the Rising Emcee’s Minimalist New Single Off Big Little Brother, Releasing on February 5th


Critical Praise for Rocky Banks: 

“Houston‚Äôs Rocky Banks is an artist to look out for”¬†– HipHopDX

The Single:

Sharing his innermost thoughts over innovative instrumentals, Houston’s¬†Rocky Banks¬†raps with stark honesty about his personal life. Rapping over clanging metal and chiming vibes, Rocky takes a break from confession to flex on his superlative rhyming skills on¬†Purpose,” his latest single. In the new single, Rocky expresses his need for rapping and his deep feeling that he was put on Earth to make music. Featuring an appearance from¬†Mufasa Enzor, who also produced the track, “Purpose” is an addictive head-nodder, perfect for headphone listening. Premiered by¬†GoodMusicAllDay, “Purpose” is the latest single from¬†Big Little Brother,¬†which¬†tells the story of Rocky’s life as a rising rapper and a recovering drug addict. Featuring appearances from¬†Ripp Flamez, LVFromCle, Mufasa Enzor, Big Brandon Willis¬†and¬†Tiara Jewel,¬†Big Little¬†Brother¬†releases on¬†February 5th,

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Rocky Banks was a promising student and young artist, impressing with his speech and spoken word and drawing the attention of local artists like¬†Dice Soho. In high school, Rocky started to struggle with drug addiction, alienating him from his family and his school. Banks hit rock bottom when he nearly overdosed on methamphetamine–his near death experience helped Rocky kick drugs and embrace his new lease on life. Banks used his art to break out of his stupor, devoting his life to his music. He began to see the fruits of his labor in 2015, when he released his debut full-length¬†In Other News I Don’t Do Drugs Anymore, which earned the rapper coverage in¬†The FADER, HipHopDX, Revolt,¬†and more. In early 2017, Banks released¬†Trust In Banko, his second project, which pulled in over 60,000 hits on LiveMixtapes and established the young Houston rapper as an artist to watch. Earlier this month, Rocky shared the creative¬†“Through The Phone”¬†video via¬†HipHopDX, and released the¬†EARMILK-premiered¬†Tony Hawk.”¬†With¬†Big Little Brother¬†set to release in February, Rocky is poised for a monster 2018.

Listen to “Purpose”: https://soundcloud.com/rocky-bank/purpose-ft-mufasa-enzor-1

Check out the GoodMusicAllDay premiere: https://vergecampus.com/2018/02/premiere-houstons-rocky-banks-shines-on-new-song-purpose/

Big Little Brother tracklisting:

  1. Big Little Brother (Prod. Mufasa Enzor)
  2. Unimpressed (Prod. Mufasa Enzor)
  3. Purpose ft Mufasa Enzor (Prod. Mufasa Enzor)
  4. Dopeman Interlude
  5. Dopeman (Prod. Mufasa Enzor)
  6. Tony Hawk (Prod. Mufasa Enzor)
  7. Loud & Clear feat. Ripp Flamez & LVfromCLE (Prod. Mufasa Enzor)
  8. Other Side (Prod. Mufasa Enzor)
  9. Wonderful ft. Big Brandon Willis (Prod. Mufasa Enzor)
  10. Late Night Text ft. Tiara Jewel (Prod. Mufasa Enzor)
  11. Through The Phone (Prod. Mufasa Enzor)
  12. Boyfriend (Prod. Mitch Mula)
  13. Old Me (Prod. Mufasa Enzor)
  14. Big Boy (Prod. Roy Smith & Matt Vogel)
  15. [Bonus] Mini Me (Prod. Louie Ji)


Please contact Michelle or Dharmic if interested in talking with Rocky Banks.

Rocky Banks Background:

Rakeem Ishmauel Mahammad Williams (born on February 19, 1994), better known by his stage name Rocky Banks, is an American alternative Hip-Hop music artist from Houston, TX. Banks began to gain recognition following the late 2015/early 2016 release of his first solo album, In Other News I Don’t Do Drugs Anymore,¬†which first introduced the artist’s personal hardships and his acceptance of drug addiction. Following the release of this project, Banks received cosigns from The Fader, Hip-Hop DX, Los Angles Leakers, & Revolt TV. In early 2017, Banks return with a sophomore project titled Trust In Banko, pulling in over 60,000 hits on Livemixtapes. His next album¬†Big Little Brother¬†releases on February 5th, 2018.

twitter | soundcloud | instagram | facebook | spotify

“Purpose”: https://soundcloud.com/rocky-bank/purpose-ft-mufasa-enzor-1

“Tony Hawk”:¬†https://youtu.be/km_qSfUaTtY

“Through The Phone”:¬†https://youtu.be/CsrJS7OO6ag

“SKRT Off/New New”:¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuuaP3Cp-v4

Trust In Banko: https://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/42273/rocky-banks-trust-in-banko.html

In Other News, I Don’t Do Drugs Anymore:¬†https://soundcloud.com/rocky-bank/sets/in-other-news-i-dont-do-drugs