Mixtape: Sharc – Sharc Wave (Prod. by Pi’erre Bourne)

The SossHouse Apex Predator Shares a Vicious 13-Track Mixtape, Produced Entirely by Pi’erre Bourne

Watch the Video for “Miami,” Live at 12pm ET

The Video:

Known for his grumbling delivery and ferocious flows, Sharc approaches each track like he’s out for blood. Teaming with his mentor and SossHouse head honcho Pi’erre Bourne, the Queens native shares his new mixtape, Sharc Wave. Over 13 tracks, the project finds Sharc feeding his endless appetite for the finer things. A unique stylist first and foremost, he makes his own waves then goes on the hunt for any opportunists looking to ride them. At 12pm ET, Sharc shares the video for project highlight “Miami.”

Flowing like the motion in the ocean to the seamless transitions of Pi’erre Bourne’s production, the chemistry that Sharc and Pi’erre share is evident throughout the tape. Introductory track “Walk Down” plays out like a digital ringtone, as though Pi’erre is calling up Sharc to kill the track. Showing his unshakeable control on each track, Sharc delivers a rapid flow over a subtle pan flute beat on “Skeleton Mansion,” while keeping it cool and cavalier on the more frenzied “Super Bowl.” Featuring recent singles like “Sicario” and “1 Of 1,” Sharc Wave is available everywhere via SossHouse.

Sharc’s new mixtape Sharc Wave is the latest in a busy Spring for Pi’erre’s label, following Frazier Trill‘s mixtape Still Trapp’n, which dropped earlier this month, Chavo’s mixtape, Chavo’s World 3, released last week and J Billz’ Streetz Hottest Young’n, out on June 2nd.

Keep your eyes peeled as Sharc keeps on swimming, and stay tuned for more as SossHouse Spring rolls on.

Stream Sharc Wavehttps://ingrv.es/sharc-wave-q4y-y

Watch “Miami” (Live at 12pm ET): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpZGqE2zj9w

Sharc Wave Tracklist:

  1. Walk Down
  2. Sicario
  3. PMR 30
  4. 1 Of 1
  5. Skeleton Mansion
  6. Super Bowl
  7. Members
  8. Miami
  9. Hashtags
  10. Harley Quinn
  11. Soss Love
  12. Brixton
  13. Talm Bout

Please contact Michelle or T’Keyah for more info.

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Sharc Wavehttps://ingrv.es/sharc-wave-q4y-y

“Miami”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpZGqE2zj9w

“Sicario” (Prod. by Pi’erre Bourne): https://youtu.be/t47KttK9sCg

“1 of 1″ (Prod. by Pi’erre Bourne): https://youtu.be/HiINPfaWjdM