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Devo and Emoji Fame Connect For a New Emoji Set

The Eccentric Ohio New Wave/Art Rockers Offer Up a Set of 70 Bizzare and Off the Wall Emojis to Help Break the Spudhead – Human Language Barrier



The Emojis:

After over 40 years, Devo‘s brand of deadpan surrealist humor and sardonic social commentary has birthed a new method of delivery. Devo now has custom emojis available via Emoji Fame, the go-to company specializing in making emoji sets for musicians. From their chilling, miles-ahead debut to the instantly-recognizable smash hit “Whip It,” Devo has been that household name whose influence you may have overlooked, despite their massive influence on alternative music and appearances in the posters of teenage walls in Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Revenge of the Nerds.

“The DEVO emojis are the most unique set we’ve worked on. While some of the imagery is similar to current emoji culture, the bulk of it taps the iconoclastic imagery the band is known for. We’re certain that fans will have an uncontrollable urge to use them,” said Gavin Rhodes, co-founder of Emoji Fame.

The set, a joint development between Emoji Fame and Devo, is a palette of the legendary band’s trademark dissidence, featuring lyrics and mantras, the irreverent Booji Boy, and their signature Energy Domes, said to increase one’s sexual prowess; there are appropriated 1950s mail-order clippings; there’s iconic imagery such as the New Traditionalists astronaut; a saluting DEVOtee in the signature yelow jumpsuit, and animated, cracking whips for when you feel the need to “Whip It Good.” No matter what your flavor, with the Devo emoji set, there are numerous ways to display your DEVOtion.

The emoji set is available now at devo.emojifame.com

We have a limited number of free coupon codes available for the set. If you’d like one, please contact Michelle, Gavin or Dharmic for more info.

Emoji Fame:

Emoji Fame makes custom emojis from your favorite musicians, celebrities and brands. Emoji Fame has been featured in Complex, Billboard, Noisey, Guitar Player, The Albuquerque JournalThe Houston Chronicle, SF Weekly, and Bill Simmon’s The Ringer. Unlike other apps, Emoji Fame’s are officially licensed by the artists, which means fans’ in-app purchases help them continue making the art that you love.

Recent sets include the almighty hip-hop titans, Cypress Hill, Grammy-winning reggae star, Ziggy Marley, controversial punk icon, GG Allin, Black Label Society guitar god, Zakk Wylde, and Philadelphia shoegazers, NOTHING, among many others.

Emoji Fame is the ONLY officially licensed emoji app that allows fans to message friends with custom emojis, text, and iOS emojis in the same message. Their clever custom keyboard allows fans to communicate with custom emojis in the way that emojis were meant to be used- as part of their everyday texts and emails.