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spacer Mixtape: Jay Ant & IamSu! – Stoopid 08.01.2012
spacer Two Of The Bay's Brightest Young Stars Team Up For Collaborative Mixtape spacer

Critical Praise for IamSu!:

Best New Artist, June 2012 - SPIN

"IamSu!'s confident and fluid rhymes shine." - Complex

"[Iam]Su! asserts himself as a hip-hop tour de force with fluid, confident rhymes." - The FADER

"…a standout in the Bay's young, emerging pool of talent." - HipHopDX

The Mixtape:

Jay Ant and IamSu! are releasing their new collaborative mixtape, Stoopid. The project, which totals 15 new tracks, in addition to two bonus tracks, is available for free download.

Individually, both IamSu! and Jay Ant have proven to be two of the most promising young artists from the Bay Area. And while much of their recent success has come working separately, for the two rapper/producers, Stoopid was a long time in the works, with the first seeds planted nearly eight years ago, when IamSu! and Jay Ant first became friends. "Su! and I have been working together for years," explains Jay Ant, noting a big-brother, little-brother relationship between the two. "We've always played around with the idea of making a mixtape together," adds Su!. "It was unique because the music really just came from us kicking it together."

Those years of chemistry show up throughout the album, including on mixtape standouts like "Broccoli With The Cheese," which features another longtime collaborator, Erk Tha Jerk, "21," and "Run To That Light," all three of which IamSu! and Jay Ant refer to as personal favorites from Stoopid. "All those tracks speak for themselves," says Jay Ant. "The songs feel good, and that's what it's all about – making people feel good." Su! agrees, adding that the two also put an added emphasis on the tape's lyrical content. "The way that Jay and I rapped on the tracks," says Su!, "it's just outrageous."

The strength and consistency of the tracks throughout Stoopid also helped Ant and Su! decide on the mixtape's title. "Our initial reaction for every song, while we were making them, was like, 'This shit stupid,'" says Su!, referencing the term as slang. Jay Ant adds, "we fed off each other, and tried to out-rap each other, which made the mixtape that much more fun to create."

Download Jay Ant & IamSu!'s new mixtape, Stoopid, here:

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The Background:

Sudan "IamSu!" Williams is a 22-year-old producer/song-writer/ rapper from the San Francisco Bay Area who has recently gained interest from radio PD's and major labels alike due to his songwriting, production, and rapping skills that have been put on display on such songs as the smash record "UP!" by LoveRance, which is currently #2 on the Billboard Rap Songs Chart and "Function" from E-40's latest release. Iamsu! is a member of an artist collective known as Heartbreak Gang or HBK Gang, which consists of other producers, rappers, graphic designers, video producers, and the like. Su! has released three mixtapes and is currently readying the release of his next album, KILT, which will be released for free on May 8th.


Stoopid Mixtape:

KILT Deluxe Edition Mixtape:


"2 Milli":

KILT Mixtape:

"Cancelled Plans":

"HBKJoe Beat" Ft. P-Lo:

The Miseducation of IamSu!:



Bio, pictures, and streams available here:


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