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spacer Mixtape: IamSu! - KILT 05.07.2012
spacer Su! Celebrates Tonight's 106th & Park Appearance With Release Of New Mixtape spacer

The Mixtape:

This evening, IamSu! will appear on BET's 106th & Park, performing alongside E-40. Today, Su! is celebrating with the release of his latest mixtape, KILT, which is now available for free download.

2012 has been a breakout year for IamSu!. Recently, the Richmond, California, native popped up with a triple-threat performance on LoveRance's "UP!," currently the number three rap single in the country on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart, which Su! produced, penned the hook for, and guested on with a scene-stealing verse, which he then followed with a guest verse on E-40's "Function."

While both of those songs have shown off the 22-year-old's ability to craft radio-ready singles, his new mixtape KILT is all about taking the opportunity to show off the full breadth of his talents. "I picked KILT for the title cause this is proving-time for me right now," remarks Su!, aware of his newfound attention. "It's just about trying to be exceptional at what I do, about killing it every time."

Despite his recent success, Su! chose to evade the million dollar studios and big names, instead keeping the process for KILT as organic as possible. "I went back to my partner's house and recorded all the songs there," says Su!. "I've been recording in a lot of different studios recently – a lot of different environments – so it was good to spend some time where I'm most comfortable."

Similarly, production on KILT is largely handled by Su!'s crew, The Invasion, which includes childhood friends Kuya Beats, P-Lo, and Chief. Even when Su! enlisted outside production – from Trackademicks, Jay Ant, and The Starting Six – he made a point of keeping his circle tight-knit. "I kept the production close to home," explains Su!. I've been knowing Trackademicks since I was 11-years-old; and I've been knowing NicNac and Jay Ant for a long time, as well."

Su!'s efforts to keep his process low key with KILT paid dividends, with the tape being his most fully-realized effort to date, not only in Su!'s progression as an artist ("I really locked in and paid more attention to detail this time," he says), but also in the music's honesty. While there are plenty of fun standouts, like "Get It In" or "Get Your Money Girl," there are also songs like "Made It," a track dedicated to Su!'s mother and grandmother. "'Made It' is a semi-success story," says Su!. "It's a song that a lot of people will be able to relate to."

Download IamSu!'s KILT mixtape here:

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The Background:

Sudan "IamSu!" Williams is a 22-year-old producer/song-writer/ rapper from the San Francisco Bay Area who has recently gained interest from radio PD's and major labels alike due to his songwriting, production, and rapping skills that have been put on display on such songs as the smash record "UP!" by LoveRance, which is currently #2 on the Billboard Rap Songs Chart and "Function" from E-40's latest release. Iamsu! is a member of an artist collective known as Heartbreak Gang or HBK Gang, which consists of other producers, rappers, graphic designers, video producers, and the like. Su! has released three mixtapes and is currently readying the release of his next album, KILT, which will be released for free on May 8th.


KILT Mixtape:

"Cancelled Plans":

"HBKJoe Beat" Ft. P-Lo:

The Miseducation of IamSu!:



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