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spacer MP3: Eddie B & Harry Fraud – "Courage" 02.21.2013
spacer Harry Fraud Introduces His Debut Surf School Artist; Two Prep EP And Album This Spring Via Man Bites Dog Records spacer

The Song:

Over the past two years, Harry Fraud has proved himself as one of the most diverse and talented producers in hip-hop, with a range that extends from mainstream hits, like French Montana's "Shot Caller," to blunted soul, including his work with artists like Action Bronson, Curren$y, and others. Along the way Fraud has also proved himself as a bit of a throwback – he's one of the few new producers in rap capable of helming the production for a full project.

Now, Harry Fraud is excited to introduce the world to his new artist, the first signed to his Surf School label, Eddie B. Together, and in conjunction with Man Bites Dog Records, the two will be releasing an LP, Paper, Piff, And Polo, this spring, but first they're giving fans a free EP, Horsepower, which will be released for free at this year's SXSW Music Festival. Today, Eddie B & Harry Fraud are releasing the first single from that free EP, "Courage."

The song, premiered this morning by VICE's Noisey Music, is driven forward by Fraud's production – slowed, pitched soul chops; wailing blues guitar and screeching organs; sparse 808's and snares – and Eddie B, with a supremely confident, smooth flow, with slick lines  like, "Try to stop my cash flow/I’ll lay you on the asphalt/look you in the face and tell you it was your dumb ass fault." Eddie B cites frustration as one of the main inspirations for the song, defiantly proclaiming, simply, "I am a force to be reckoned with."

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