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spacer D.Black To Release New Album Ali'Yah 06.30.2009
spacer Sportn' Life Records & MYX Music Label Team Up To Release New D. Black Album On September 15 spacer
(June 30, 2009 - Brooklyn, NY) D.Black, a Seattle, Washington-based emcee, is proud to announce the release of Ali'Yah. The album, D.Black's sophomore effort, which features production from Jake One and Vitamin D, will be available September 15 via Sportn' Life Records/MYX Music Label.

There are defining moments in every career. Moments of ascension; moments when taking the step from one level to the next is not only inevitable, but necessary. For D.Black, an emcee many first heard on the track "God Like" from producer Jake One's White Van Music, that defining moment is now, and it comes in the form of the emcee's sophomore album, Ali'Yah (Hebrew for Ascend). Praised for his polished rhyme flow, D.Black's new record, and the sound he self-describes as "deep-rooted soul with heavy slapping drums," will help define him as an emcee and a person. D.Black says, "I began recording a different album almost 2 years ago. In the midst of creating that album, I realized it wasn't for me; I was making music contrary to my inner person. Ali'Yah captures me in the midst of a spiritual journey that has altered my way of being even in my physical life." The result, an album inspirational both musically and conceptually, is finally ready.

D.Black has been a staple of the Sportn' Life Records roster for some time. However, the Seattle rapper's new LP, Ali'Yah, will be released jointly through Sportn' Life Records and MYX Music Label. MYX Music Label, the Bay Area-based label that recently released the highly acclaimed debut album from Keelay & Zaire, Ridin High, is a label quickly making a name for itself in the hip-hop world. Partnering with Sportn' Life Records for the release of D.Black's new album is another big step for the label. Karim Panni, MYX Music label head and long-time fan of D.Black's work, is excited to be a part of the project, seeing the partnership with Sportn' Life Records as a no-brainer. Karim says, "You see two artists collaborate all the time, and for an artist like D.Black, with such a great new album, we thought combining the resources of two record labels would be a great move to give this album the attention it deserves.” On September 15, the fruits of the partnership between the two labels will be realized as fans finally get a chance to hear Ali'Yah.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, D.Black's musical roots are deep, with his mother and father both involved in pioneering hip-hop groups in the Seattle music scene. In 2006, D.Black released his debut album, The Cause & Effect, a huge regional success, allowing the emcee to share the stage with Nas, Freeway, Bun B, Clipse, Paul Wall, The Boot Camp Click, and more. After being mentored by Vitamin D, a staple and veteran of the Seattle hip-hop scene, D.Black began making a name for himself by working on projects with producer Jake One. One such collaboration resulted in D.Black being featured on Jake One's White Van Music, on the track "God Like," helping to cement the Seattle emcee as a household name beyond the Pacific Northwest. Jake One and Vitamin D were also both instrumental in helping D.Black create his new album, offering guidance and production on the record, along with D.Black, whose own production work has been featured on projects from former G-Unit rapper Young Buck. D.Black's new album, Ali'Yah, will be available September 15 via Sportn' Life Records/MYX Music Label.

Check out "Keep On Going" from D.Black's new album, featuring and produced by Vitamin D. The beat was also recently taken by 50 Cent from an old Vitamin D beat CD and used for the track "London Girl," which is featured on 50 Cent's War Angel LP:

Also, watch as D.Black Announces New Album, Ali'Yah:

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About MYX Music:

MYX Music Label was founded in 2007 by industry veteran Karim Panni of the Boom Bap Project (Rhymesayers Entertainment). MYX Music Label is under the umbrella of MYX TV, which is the only music and lifestyle channel dedicated to the Asian American community. Distributed nationally, MYX TV showcases the hottest major label and independent content as well as dynamic original programming that fuses fashion, comedy, and culture. MYX Music Label integrates the newest technology while developing innovative digital distribution and promotion strategies to service their artists. The MYX Music Label was created for the sole purpose of using the MYX TV visual network platform to promote the finest independent hip-hop and urban music. MYX Music Label's ambitious release schedule for 2009 includes groundbreaking works from production duo Keelay & Zaire, D.Black, Jern Eye, and Kam Moye aka Supastition. Also, adding to their versatility as a label, MYX Music Label DVD releases include The Nutshack, Built From Skratch, Str8 Laced and Slanted Comedy, which features today's top Asian American comedians For more information on MYX Music Label, please visit


D.Black Announces New Album Ali'Yah:

D.Black - "Keep On Going" feat. Vitamin D (Prod. By Vitamin D):

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