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spacer Video: Chippy Nonstop - Kicked Out Da Club 05.30.2012
spacer First Video From #GlobalSkoolOfTwerk Directed By Kreayshawn spacer

Critical Praise for Chippy Nonstop:

"Chippy is in her own lane, and while folks have been quick to compare her to other young female rappers, I think #GlobalSkoolOfTwerk shows her working a style all her own." - Mishka NYC

"The based + beautiful Chippy Nonstop is a rising star, fashion icon, and swagged out princess deluxe. Chippy is everybody's favorite digi-trap-child. She is a force, and a cosmic whirlwind of deliciousness + flava."
- Beats and Blood

The Video:

Chippy Nonstop, the undisputed queen of twerking, is unleashing her new video for the single"Kicked Out Da Club." The second visual from her mixtape, #GlobalSkoolOfTwerk, which was released in April, premiered on Complex last Friday.

With her own Twitter proclaiming her club mantra "VIP and STILL kicked out," Chippy embraces her reputation for going H.A.M. in the club, as well as the inevitable repercussions of doing so. "I mostly only get kicked out when my favorite DJs are playing and I do something stupid, like climb on a huge stage during Major Lazer and run away from security," says Chippy. "I realized I can't control myself when a song I love comes on." I think we've all been there, done that.

Someone who is very familiar with her party antics is Kreayshawn, who got behind the camera to direct the ideo for her good friend Chippy. Says Chippy, "Kreay's really professional on set, and she's one of my really good friends so I felt comfortable the whole time. She had a vision and she really went for it." Her other good friend, director and producer Spaghetto provided the animation in the beginning of the video.

"Kicked Out Da Club" could be the theme song for the motto #YOLO with its hypnotizing beat backing up Chippy's party-anthem lyrics. In the video, she purrs in EspaƱol, manhandles the DJ booth, and whips around her cyberpunk rainbow braid, all the while, pushing her noble agenda forward. "Mostly, I want people to just stop over thinking ad being over-analytical or situations," says Chippy. "Stop being so scared that someone will judge you for having a good time."

Watch the video for "Kicked Out Da Club" here:

In case you missed it, download Chippy Nonstop's #GlobalSkoolOfTwerk mixtape here:

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"Kicked Out Da Club"


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