K'naan - "In The Beginning"



"It is better to light a candle than to curse the dark... put up your fist if all you want is freedom"


The Song:


Reminiscent of a campfire sing-along with close friends, "In The Beginning" blends an organic sound of guitars, handclaps and drums with K'naan's storytelling. Rhyming with a tribal intensity, K'naan cries out for his voice to be heard in a style that pays homage to the oral traditions of the Somali culture. The song tells the story of a poet whom the forces of evil and greed have subverted. Losing his ability to love, the poet's heart becomes dark and soulless. K'naan urges the poet and the people of Somalia to fight for freedom for their mind and soul as he rhymes, "It is better to light a candle than to curse the dark... put up your fist if all you want is freedom."



The Background:


K'naan, an award-winning singer and musician, was born in Somalia, a country that has not had a functioning government since 1991. K'naan's family moved to Harlem after catching the last domestic flight out of Somalia and eventually settled in Ontario, Canada. Using his ability to blend Western and African influences, K'naan's music is a fusion of world music and hip-hop that borrows from the protest songs of Bob Marley, the hip-hop lyricism of Mos Def, and the storytelling traditions of Somalia. Despite the violence K'naan has experienced, his lyrics address the possibilities for positive change and peace. His album, The Dusty Foot Philosopher Deluxe Edition, will be released for the first time in the U.S. by the Bay Area-based record label, Interdependent Media on June 24, 2008.


2006 Winner Juno Award Winner- Best Rap Album*


2006 Polaris Music Prize Nominee 2007**


BBC Radio 3 Winner- Best New Artist, World Music


*The Juno Awards are the Canadian equivalent of the Grammy Awards


**The Polaris Music Prize is a music award annually given to the best full-length Canadian album based on artistic merit, regardless of genre, sales, or record label


"In The Beginning"




"If Rap Gets Jealous"












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